As a corporate promotional item, Bluetooth speakers have many advantages. First of all, Bluetooth audio is a very practical promotional item that can be used in various occasions such as outdoor activities, travel, home entertainment, etc., allowing customers to enjoy high-quality music experience. Secondly, Bluetooth speakers have the advantage of personalized customization services, which can make speakers according to the needs of different companies, improve the corporate brand image, and attract more customers. In addition, the Bluetooth speaker is small and portable, and customers can easily put it in their pockets, handbags or backpacks to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. Finally, the Bluetooth speaker is a reusable promotional product. Customers can use the speaker multiple times by charging or replacing the battery to increase the exposure of the corporate brand. To sum up, as a corporate promotional product, Bluetooth audio has multiple advantages such as practicability, personalized customization services, portability and reusability.

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  • Yes, our custom bluetooth speakers support simultaneous connection of multiple devices, can support multiple devices to play music at the same time, and allow multiple users to control volume and tracks. It also supports auto-connect, which lets your devices automatically establish a Bluetooth connection so you can play music quickly and easily. Moreover, our bluetooth speaker also has the function of high damper, which can provide high-fidelity sound effect, allowing you to enjoy music better!

  • Our custom bluetooth speakers support various audio formats such as AAC, MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, etc. It can support high-quality audio with a bit rate up to 320Kbps, as well as high-quality Bluetooth audio transmission, bringing you a more perfect music experience.

  • Enterprises can print their own LOGO, contact information, slogans and other information on customized logo Bluetooth speakers. These information will gradually become known to more people with the use and dissemination of products, thereby improving brand awareness and reputation. The quality and quality of custom logo Bluetooth speakers are very important to the shaping and maintenance of corporate brand image. Enterprises should choose suitable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the reliability and credibility of product quality and after-sales service.