We specialize in customizing bottle opener gifts. Personalized Bottle Opener Gifts Supplier And Manufacturer in China. We can provide customers with professional product design, LOGO renderings, various product styles, and diverse materials. We can also customize product shapes, sizes, and material colors according to design documents. We send custom comments to post-processing production, Packaging, delivery, and after-sales, we have a full range of one-stop services. Our product styles are rich, and the number of website link products is limited. If you have other customized style products, please consult us.

Bottle opener promotional gift

The bottle opener is used in a wide range of scenarios, and it is a very high-quality promotional gift, which is frequently presented to customers.

1. Separate Bottle Opener by material:

Metal bottle opener: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel

Plastic bottle opener: PP, PS and other materials

Magnet bottle opener: put a round or square magnet on the traditional bottle opener, so that the bottle opener can be adsorbed on iron-containing items such as refrigerators for easy access.

2. Separate bottles by function

Beer bottle opener

Wine Opener

Multifunctional bottle opener: beer, red wine, cans, knives in one

3. Bottle Opener price

The cheapest plastic: $0.05-$0.2

Metal bottle opener: $0.2-$0.6

4. Bottle opener printing

Silk screen printing, pad printing, laser


  • Bottle opener customization refers to engraving the pattern or text you want to display on the surface of the bottle opener to make your bottle opener more personalized.

  • The price depends on the quantity and complexity of your order, welcome to contact us for a quotation.

  • There are several types of bottle openers such as the wall-mounted opener, The church key opener, The pocket opener, Electric bottle openers, Keychain bottle openers, Multi-tool bottle openers, Automatic bottle openers Steel openers, Bottle opener rings, and the magnetic opener.