• Most outdoor knives are actually coated with a corrosion-resistant coating, but they should not be exposed to strong acids and alkalis, and it is best to keep them dry. It is easy to become dull after long-term use, so a whetstone is needed at this time. The price of the whetstone is also uneven. Many whetstones also have a polishing function, so you can keep your outdoor knives as new as ever. Use it, that's right!

  • Many people may confuse a folding knife with a Swiss Army knife, but the difference between them is actually very simple. The main selling point of Swiss Army Knives is functionality. The blades are relatively small, with many functions and complicated. Folding outdoor knives usually have only one oversized main blade, which has better cutting ability.

  • Almost any knife can be carved. However, the material and shape of the knife may affect the final engraving and feasibility. At the same time, you also need to consider the smoothness of the blade surface and whether there is enough space for engraving.