• We can manufacture nearly 1000 kinds of multi-function tools, and we can also design and manufacture according to your ideas. A key here is that as long as you have an idea for us, we can help you realize it.

  • An oscillating multi-tool is a portable power tool with an oscillating blade. It cuts, grinds, trims and cuts different materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, etc., by high-speed vibration. Oscillating multi-tools have blades that vibrate in a horizontal direction and can be equipped with different types of blades and attachments to suit different applications.

  • Promotional items Multi-tools are a common promotional product, and they are usually a portable tool that integrates the functions of multiple tools. These tools typically include blades, screwdrivers, pliers, bottle openers, awls, and more, all in one portable device. Promotional multitools typically feature the following: Versatility, portability, brand customization. Promotional multitools are a common promotional tool used by businesses and can be given as gifts to customers, employees or event participants, or used as promotional tools at exhibitions, events or marketing campaigns. With their practicability and durability, these tools help companies enhance their brand image, leave a deep impression, and provide users with practical tool functions.

  • Practicality: The multi-function tool integrates the functions of a variety of commonly used tools, which is practical and convenient. As a promotional product, multi-function tools can meet various needs of the audience in their daily life, such as repairing, disassembling, opening bottles, etc., so they can be welcomed and used by a wide audience. Long-term exposure: Multi-tools are usually durable and long-lasting, able to stay with audiences for a long time. When audiences use multitools at work, outdoors, or in everyday life, your brand logo or messaging stays in sight, constantly reminding them to connect with your brand. Branding: Printing brand logos or messages on multi-tools can help boost brand awareness and image. Using a multifunctional tool as a promotional product can combine brand image with practical value, conveying to the audience the image of the brand's reliability, innovation and attention to user needs. Customizability: Multitools can be personalized, including printed branding, choosing different colors and designs, and more. This enables promoters to tailor multitools to the preferences and needs of their target audience, thereby increasing audience interest and proximity to the promoted product.