HiLaud Promo is a professional manufacturer and supplier of customized promotional products, our production base is in China, and we cooperate with more than 300 factories. Here are all the customized promotional products that we have exported, most of which are lower than 1$. If your company is looking for promotional products or gifts, we can provide a competitive advantage.

There is a wide variety of promotional products on the market, from traditional items like pens and keychains to more innovative and unique items. Here are some common types of promotional products we can offer free samples for your business:

Printed Apparel: T-shirts, hats, jackets, and other types of apparel can be customized with a company logo or message.

Writing Instruments: Banner pens, stylus pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, pencils and markers are popular promotional items, and multifunction pens can be designed to be personalized with a company logo or message.

Tech accessories: Due to the pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives, products such as phone cases, chargers and earbuds are becoming increasingly popular promotional items.

Drinkware: Water bottles, mugs, coffee mugs and glasses are popular choices for promotional items.

Bags: Handbags, non-woven shopping bags, backpacks and duffle bags can be customized with company logo or message.

Office supplies: mouse pads, calendars, notepads and other office supplies with customized logos. These desk accessories items can be branded and given as promotional gifts.

Multi-tools: tape measure, multi-function screwdriver

Personal Care Items: Eyeglass clips, lip balm, hand sanitizer and other personal care items can be customized with company logos or messages.

Food and Beverages: Customized candies, treats, and other food items are available as promotional giveaways.

Keychains: Keychains with custom logos, shapes and designs.

Electronic products: U disk, earplugs, mouse, flashlight, bluetooth speaker, mobile phone holder, electric fan and other electronic accessories with logo printed on them.

Sports and Outdoor Products: Items such as multipurpose props, tents, carabiners, golf balls, umbrellas, sunscreen, flags, ribbons, silicone wristbands, sports wristbands, Frisbees and beach towels can be customized with company logos or messages.

Stress Ball: Foam stress ball with logo and design.

Magnets: Custom refrigerator magnets with logos and designs.

Kitchen supplies: pizza knives, wine labels, wine stoppers, coasters, there are many materials: bamboo wood, silicone, PVC, ceramics, clay, etc.

Piggy bank, piggy bank, medicine box, silicone pet bowl, car tire pressure gauge, snow scraper, badge, signage, commemorative coin, luggage tag, easy pull, used with card sleeves and lanyards, mainly used in office, exhibition.

These are just a few examples of the many types of promotional products available in the market. The key is to choose products that are relevant to your brand and will be appreciated by your target audience. These products are not all the promotional products we do, but they can indeed meet your requirements after email confirmation, and we provide free sample service.


  • Yes, firstly we are a promotional product supplier from China. Some of our customers need us to have a certain inventory of promotional products, so we will wholesale some types of products to them. Most of our customers come to customize promotional products, so we are a wholesale promotional products supplier.

  • We are an experienced promotional product supplier. We have cooperated with more than 3000 factories, and we have supplied more than 13000 kinds of promotional products. Because there are too many types, there are not so many published on our official website. If you have an idea, just give us your idea, and we can help you complete it.

  • Yes, we offer free samples for promotional items. If you are a distributor of promotional products or a company or organization that needs promotional products, we can provide free samples of the promotional products you want after full communication between the two parties. Free promotional product samples can speed up the progress of our cooperation and reduce your cost.