What is Cooling bag?

Cooling bag, also known as thermal insulation bag, cooler bag, ice bag, also known as passive refrigerator, is a kind of bag with high heat insulation and constant temperature effect (with the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer), more cold, warm and fresh, made of high-quality materials , easy to carry, suitable for driving trips, holiday outings, family picnics, the inner layer of the product is pearl cotton covered with aluminum foil reflective insulation layer, providing good thermal insulation effect, you can carry iced drinks in the car, outdoors, Cold drinks, etc., no longer have to endure warm drinks! Thermal insulation bags generally have a thermal insulation time of more than 6 hours

Cooling bag specifications

  • Cooling bag has: large bag size: outer size: 63*48*36cm, actual usable inner size: 57*42*36cm; large bag can hold 30-50 large lunch boxes, which can be stacked together as a heat preservation turnover box It has a much better thermal insulation effect than the commonly used iron cooling bag. 

  • Main size of medium bag: (1) Outer size: 42*25*23cm Inner size: 40*23*23cm  (2) Outer size: 45*25*23cm Inner size: 43*23*23cm  (3) Outer size: 40*32*30cm Inner size: 38*30*30cm . 

  • In addition to the large cooling bag and the medium cooling bag, there is also a type of cooling bag called western food, which is specially used in western restaurants. Western food cooling bag size: outer size: 50*42*35cm inner size: 44*36*35cm

Cooling bag material

Cooling bag outer material: Mesh cloth laminated with PVC on both sides, waterproof and oil-proof, super tensile strength, friction resistance, strong wrinkle resistance; Cooling bag inner material: aluminum foil laminated with non-woven fabric or laminated with 2mm pearl cotton outer Reinforced with PVC, with 8mm ultra-dense thermal insulation cotton in the middle; support material: bottom hard plastic board; 2cm high-density super-hard extruded plastic board around and at the bottom.

Custom Cooling bag pattern

Custom Cooling bags are generally screen printing, color patterns, non-woven Cooling bags can choose lamination or thermal transfer, offset printing. Oxford cloth or polyester insulation bags will mostly choose thermal transfer. We are a manufacturer and supplier of Cooling bags from China, we provide services such as custom custom Cooling bag patterns.

Private logo printingļ¼Œthere are many kinds of printing of thermal insulation bags: silk screen printing, lamination printing, thermal transfer printing.

Cooler/Cooling bag price 


Due to the difference in cooling bag size, logo color, printing process, production process, quantity, etc., the price is not unique. Overall, the price range is 0.19$-0.59$.