Custom Environmental tote Cooling promotion bag with logo

Custom Environmental tote Cooling promotion bag with logo
Custom Environmental tote Cooling promotion bag with logo
Custom Environmental tote Cooling promotion bag with logo
Custom Environmental tote Cooling promotion bag with logo
Custom Environmental tote Cooling promotion bag with logo
Model No.
Non-woven fabric
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
Many merchants will send some customized gifts with company logo for promotion activities. For example, some beverage and food companies will give some gifts to customers in order to maintain old customers and attract new customers. At this time, we will find that environment-friendly tote cooking bag is the focus of the entire advertising campaign.

As a professional supplier of Promotion Tote Cooling Bags, we are pleased to introduce our Custom Environmental Tote Cooling Promotion Bag. This classic bag is made of environmentally friendly non-woven fabric and can be customized in size and color, with the option to add your logo to support your brand promotion.

Our Custom Environmental Tote Cooling Promotion Bag is made of high-quality and eco-friendly non-woven fabric, which can prevent UV rays, high temperature, and humidity from affecting perishable items such as snacks, drinks, and other items. This bag is the perfect solution to keep food and beverages at the right temperature, while also effectively protecting the environment.

The size and color of our Custom Environmental Tote Cooling Promotion Bag can be customized to meet your specific requirements. You can choose different sizes and colors to match your brand image and attract more potential customers' attention to your Promotion Tote Cooling Bag.

We also provide custom services to add your logo or other designs to the bag. Our professional design team can create a unique and attractive logo to enhance your brand's visibility and influence.

In summary, our Custom Environmental Tote Cooling Promotion Bag is the perfect choice for your brand promotion. It can meet your specific requirements and provide effective support for your brand image and value. If you have any questions or need customized services, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with professional support and services.

Today's society is full of competition, people to people competition, industry to industry competition, especially among enterprises, we should always keep sober, the so-called market is like a battlefield, that is. Others are promoting the company's products through various activities. You can't be indifferent. It's time to choose some advertising gifts for promotion to prove your strength. When it comes to advertising gifts, you can't underestimate them. They are a promotion method with low investment and significant effect. But do you know how to customize small gifts with logo? What points should we pay attention to?


1. The input cost should be controlled in the customization of small promotion gifts

The price of small promotion gifts is also very different due to materials, sizes, manufacturing techniques and other reasons. Because we give free gifts to all, we should reasonably consider the input and output, and control the price within a certain range.

The cooling tote bag has the characteristics of short process flow, high output, low cost, fast variety change, and wide source of raw materials, meeting the requirements of low cost.


2. Pay attention to creativity when customizing promotion gifts

As mentioned earlier, because the price of promotion gifts is low, but I don't think the price is low, so the design is sloppy. Gifts like this have no effect, and it is difficult for consumers to trust them. So small promotion gifts can be small but creative, so that the products sent out will be more thoughtful.

The promotion cooling bag designed by the designer looks more beautiful. Combined with its waterproof and non-stick characteristics, it will become the first choice for customers to go out.


3. Customization of small promotion gifts should have advertising characteristics.

It is easy to understand this point. Since it is an ad promotion gift, its purpose must be to advertise. At this time, we usually choose a small promotion gift customization manufacturer to customize the enterprise's advertising logo to the gift. The effect of small gifts with advertising effect is better.

You can print your company logo or advertisement on these cooling tote bags. It will definitely bring more obvious advertising benefits.

After reading these three points, you should know how to proceed. There are many kinds of advertising small gifts. As long as you focus on these three points, I think it will be much easier for businesses to customize advertising small gifts.


We are a professional manufacturer of customized promotion gifts. Our environmental cooling bags are available in various styles, sizes and colors for customers to choose from. We have everything you want to customize. We also have film covering, embossing, hot stamping, silk screen, and other processes for customers to choose from. If you don't know how to choose, we can also provide you with professional advice. We have advanced production equipment and technology, skilled workers. We will guarantee the quality and deliver on time.

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Customization of small promotion gifts should have advertising characteristics.

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