We are promotional ballpoint pen manufacturer and supplier from China, we wholesale and custom promotional ballpoint pen for you.

In the American market, the pen mainly refers to the ballpoint pen, and the pen is rarely used.We are ballpoint pen manufacturer and supplier from China, we wholesale and custom ballpoint pen for you. The customized content mainly includes printing the slogan and logo you want. If the demand for pens is huge, we can cooperate to develop custom molds.

1. Ballpoint pen material:

Ballpoint pens are made of metal and plastic. Metals include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and iron. The plastic is generally ABS.

Refills are generally blue and black.

2. Ballpoint pen printing

The material of the pen is different and the printing is different. Usually silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing. Metal pens add a laser engraved print

3. Ballpoint pen size, weight

You can refer to the products I have uploaded. The same product may vary in size and weight from factory to factory.

4. Ballpoint pen function

In addition to maintaining the writing function of the ballpoint pen, in order to increase the attributes of promotional items. The designer will add many functions of the ballpoint pen, such as adding LED lamp beads to realize lighting, so that you can write outdoors at night.

Another example is the addition of the touch screen function, so that the pen can also be used on the tablet computer, so that the practical functions and usage scenarios of the ballpoint pen are wider.

5. Ballpoint Pen Price

Because of the material, printing, function and other prices vary greatly

  • Plastic pen: 0.05$-0.3$

  • Metal pen: 0.15$-0.5$

  • Multifunctional pen: 0.1$-0.4$


  • Metal pens are relatively more durable and higher quality than plastic pens. The writing experience is generally smoother and more comfortable due to the weight of the metal pen. Plus, metallic pens create a more professional impression. However, metal pens are relatively more expensive than plastic pens. Therefore, whether to choose a metal pen still needs to be decided according to personal needs and budget.

  • Pens are a good promotional tools because of its practically,visibility,cost-effective,versatility,brand association etc.Pens can help increase brand visibility, create positive brand associations, and provide a cost-effective marketing solution for businesses of all sizes.

  • Custom pens usually require special design, printing and mold opening, which requires a certain amount of time and cost, and pen manufacturers need a certain order quantity to ensure profitability. If the quantity ordered is too small, the production line cannot be effectively utilized, and the cost of a single pen will rise sharply.

  • Pen is a common promotional item, which has a wide range of applications in various companies, training institutions, marketing companies and other activities. Because the pen is a practical, customizable, low-cost and easy-to-carry promotional item, it is very suitable for being widely used in corporate promotional activities.

  • We are the most professional promotional ballpoint pen supplier from China. We can customize ballpoint pens with logo, spray different colors, advertising pens, banner pens and so on. We have cooperated with 20 promotional ballpoint pen factories, which can meet the needs of most customized or wholesale promotional pens on the market.