Ballpoint colored push ballpoint pen with rubber grip

Ballpoint colored push ballpoint pen with rubber grip
Ballpoint colored push ballpoint pen with rubber grip
Ballpoint colored push ballpoint pen with rubber grip
Logo printing
Spray or silk screen
1PC/OPP Bag , 50pcs/Box
Office & School Pen/Promotional gift
Black, Blue ,Red , Green, Yellowor Customized
Place of Origin
100 pcs
Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
with company logo
Ballpoint pens are often used to print corporate logos, as advertising gift pens to help companies promote their brands, as advertising pens can usually be customized, the color, material, structure, etc. Merchants love it.

The role of ballpoint pens as advertising gift pens

Gift pens purchased as events are generally products with a brand logo or corporate logo and a special meaning. It integrates novelty, creativity and practicability, is highly targeted, is a gift and is an emotional investment, which can shorten the emotional distance between people, facilitate people's communication, exchange, reach consensus, and create good business opportunities. At the same time, advertising pens are also a novel way of publicity and promotion. Appropriate gifts can create a lasting and deep impression in the minds of customers.

Product details:

The plastic ballpoint pen with contrasting color design is gorgeous and eye-catching, and it is the choice of many gift customization companies.

Product name: Ballpoint colored push ballpoint pen with rubber grip

Material: ABS

Method: Push ballpoint pen

Refill Color: Black and Blue

Pen body color: Contrasting color design is a major feature of this plastic pen, which is eye-catching.

The Rubber grip brings a comfortable pen-holding experience, which is especially friendly to people who write at their desks for a long time.

What are the advantages of advertising pen customization for current enterprises

At present, corporate culture is a matter that all industries attach great importance to. How to promote a good corporate culture is also a matter of concern to various industries. Advertising pens have always been regarded as business gifts, so they have become the first choice for companies when customizing gifts. Choice, and corporate gift customization has a unique advantage in promoting corporate culture.

Inheriting corporate culture Corporate culture can be said to be a kind of soft power. It is a kind of accumulation and an intangible influence and attraction. Corporate gift customization is to add elements that can symbolize corporate image or culture to advertising pens, and then Let more people understand the company and enhance the image of the company.

Effective Advertisements Generally, advertisements select the effects of media platforms to influence consumers. This means that the intensity of the advertisements is relatively wide, but the effects are often unsatisfactory. When presenting customized corporate gifts to customers or friends, the image can instantly attract the attention of others, making people have a good impression of the company from the gift pen.

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Name: Victoria Valdez        time:2023-02-28 11:05:29
I love these pens and the assortment of colors they came in! We gave them out to our customers as an appreciation for their business! They all loved them and appreciated us for the beautiful pens! The price was great!

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