What is a metal pen?

The metal raw materials used in metal pens include copper, iron, aluminum, steel, etc. Common metal pens are divided into dozens of varieties: metal pencils, metal laser pens, metal pointer pens, metal desk pens, metal leather pens, metal acrylic pens, etc. The use of metal pens is generally used for advertising, gifts and other business gifts ; Metal pens are more high-end among pen-type writing instruments, so most of China's metal pens are exported.

 What are the metal pen advantages?

Metal pen is a kind of pen writing tool made of metal material, which is widely used in company promotional gifts, business gifts, as advertising and so on.

Metal pens are divided into three categories

The genus pen can be divided into: metal ball-point pen, metal ball-point pen, metal fountain pen (ink pen), etc.

Classification of metal ballpoint pens

There are many kinds of metal ballpoint pens, different styles, and high, medium and low grades in terms of quality, but in terms of categories, they can basically be divided into oil-based ballpoint pens and water-based ballpoint pens.

Custom Metal Pen Craft

Embossing is a process for making metal advertising gift pens with very high quality requirements. It uses an electroplating process on the electroplated pen holder to highlight the LOGO. The displayed LOGO is firm and never falls off, which is very beautiful.

Laser engraving is to use the laser engraving process to concave the LOGO, and the logo is usually brass or silver-white depending on the material. The displayed LOGO is firm and never falls off, which is more beautiful. Generally, it is better to use this process in small quantities, which is very convenient.

Pad printing is a method used in the production of metal advertising gift pens with high quality requirements. It is printed with a steel mold, and the printed product is firm and does not fall off and is beautiful. It is divided into single-color pad printing and multi-color pad printing. Multi-color pad printing is generally calculated by multiplying several colors by a single color.

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