Metal promotion pen factory

Metal promotion pen factory
Metal promotion pen factory
Metal promotion pen factory
Metal promotion pen factory
Metal promotion pen factory
Metal promotion pen factory
Metal promotion pen factory
Logo printing
Spray or silk screen
1PC/OPP Bag , 50pcs/Box
Office & School Pen/Promotional gift
Black, Blue ,Red , Green, Yellowor Customized
Place of Origin
100 pcs
Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
with company logo
We design and produce high-quality and cost-effective metal pen series products, which are used as promotional pens for business gifts, advertising gifts and commemorative gift collections, and provide gift customization services! At the same time, as a factory with decades of production experience , to provide you with wholesale prices.

Metal promotional pens, as the name suggests, are pens made of metal materials, the most important of which are for promotion or gift giving, so they are collectively called promotional metal pens or metal gift pens. Metal pens are the main products of our factory, and there are many types, including Metal ceramic pens, metal ballpoint pens, Parker metal pens, Picasso metal pens, etc.


Raw materials for factory custom promotional metal pens:

The metal raw materials usually used in the customization of metal pens in our factory are copper, iron, aluminum, steel, etc. Common metal pens are divided into: metal ballpoint pen, metal ballpoint pen, metal pen, metal pencil, metal laser pointer, metal pointer pen, metal Table pens, metal leather pens, metal acrylic pens, and dozens of varieties.


Price factors of factory customized promotional metal pens:

The price of custom-made pens is not fixed. As a buyer, it is best to customize directly from the factory, eliminating the price difference between middlemen, which can greatly reduce the cost. Except that the supplier is a factory, the material, function and printing process of the custom-made pen , quantity, etc. are also important factors affecting the price of metal pens. Usually, the price of plastic pen materials is the cheapest. Metal pens are higher-end pen writing tools, and the price will be relatively higher, so they are also called metal pens. Gift pens but metal pens used as promotional pens basically cost between $0.40 and $5.


Advantages of our factory custom metal pens:

1. The body of the pen prints and disseminates corporate characteristics and cultural symbols Corporate visual communication:

2. A variety of customized processes meet customer needs, and the manufacturer guarantees customized time and quality (screen printing/laser engraving/corrosion relief/heat transfer printing/stamp inlay/embossing)

3. Rich production lines, various pen gift boxes can be combined arbitrarily.


4. The types of customized pens are diversified, and the price range of product lines is wide: advertising promotions range from a few yuan to 10 yuan, and business gifts range from 10 yuan to more than 60 yuan. The packaging box is exquisite and elegant, covering the concept of individual color matching, which can be combined with the product at will.

5. The variety of design styles of the pen is not only suitable for daily office writing, but also a gift for others!


Our factory is a professional metal pen manufacturer integrating design, development, production and sales. It has rich experience in the pen industry, excellent quality, affordable price, fast delivery and guaranteed reputation. Welcome to order any styles of metal pens, some styles are available in large quantities, we use advanced technology design and exquisite traditional craftsmanship to display your company's distinguished and prominent corporate image and convey corporate information in a proper way.

We are a factory focusing on producing high quality metal promotional ballpoint pens. Over the years, we have been committed to continuously improving the quality and innovation of our products to meet the needs of our customers. With advanced production equipment and technology, as well as an experienced team, we can provide high-quality metal promotional ballpoint pen products.


Our metal promotional ballpoint pens come with a variety of features that make them ideal promotional and gifting options. First of all, we use high-quality metal materials to ensure the sturdiness and durability of the pen body. Second, our attention to design details gives each ballpoint pen a sleek, sophisticated look, adding to its value and appeal. In addition, we provide a variety of colors, styles and customization options to meet the branding needs of different customers.

Customized service:

We attach great importance to the customization needs of customers, so we provide personalized customization services. We can customize the color, shape, material and printing pattern of the ballpoint pen according to the requirements of customers. Whether it's a company logo, slogan or a personalized design, we can apply it to a ballpoint pen, making it a unique promotional tool and gift.

quality assurance:

Quality is one of our company's core values. We adopt a strict quality control process, and every link from the selection of raw materials to production has undergone strict testing and verification. We ensure smooth writing experience and long-lasting life of every metal promotional ballpoint pen. We provide confidence and satisfaction to our customers with superior quality.

Customer Care:

We are always customer satisfaction-oriented and value good cooperation with customers. Our sales team and customer service team will provide professional consultation and support to ensure that customers' needs are met in a timely manner. We value communication and cooperation, and are committed to providing customers with the best solutions and services.

If you are looking for a reliable metal promotional ballpoint pen supplier, we believe that we have the ability to provide high-quality products and professional services. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you and contributing to your brand promotion and business success

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This pen factory is very good, and it is recommended to choose.

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The price is cheap, the quality is OK. These pens are very suitable for promotional products.

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