China metal ballpoint pen manufacturer

China metal ballpoint pen manufacturer
China metal ballpoint pen manufacturer
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We are a manufacturer specializing in metal ballpoint pens in China. Metal ballpoint pens are widely used in office,school and business place. Metal ballpoint pens are often used as an item of advertising. If you have needs for ballpoint pens or other advertising gifts, please contact us. We will provide you with low price and high quality products.

Metal ballpoint pen

Metal ballpoint pen is a kind of pen writing tool made of metal materials. It is widely used in office gifts, business gifts, and is often used as a way of advertising. We have a variety of metal ballpoint pens for customers Choose to meet the personalized customization needs of customers.The manufacturers of metal ballpoint pens circulating in the US and Canadian markets are basically from China. Because China's metal ballpoint pens are the world's largest producer and exporter.

Classification of metal ballpoint pens

As a professional ballpoint pen manufacturer in China, we produce a wide variety of metal ballpoint pens in different styles. In terms of quality, there are high, medium and low grades, but in terms of categories, they can basically be divided into oily metal ballpoint pens and water-based metal ballpoint pens. Two types of ballpoint pens.

⑴ Oil metal ballpoint pen

The tip balls of oil-based metal ballpoint pens are mostly made of stainless steel or hard alloy materials. The size of the ball diameter determines the thickness of the writing lines. The ball diameters of the metal ballpoint pens we produce are 1mm, 0.7mm, and 0.5mm (often marked on the body of the product or on the metal ballpoint refill). The ink of the metal ballpoint pen we produce is specially made, which is mainly made by mixing colorants, solvents and viscosity modifiers. The colors are blue, black and red. Ordinary inks are mostly used for general writing, and special inks are mostly used for file writing. The ink used for file writing is generally marked on the refill. In China, our pan manufacturers generally mark the word "DA" on the refill.

Oil-based ballpoint pens are the first generation of ballpoint pen series products. It has been more than 60 years since they were put on the market in batches. After long-term improvement and perfection, the production process of oil-based ballpoint pens is mature, the product performance is stable, the shelf life is long, and the writing performance is stable. 

⑵ Water-based metal ballpoint pen

Water-based metal ballpoint pens are also called metal ballpoint pens or metal ballpoint pens. The nibs of our water-based metal ballpoint pens are divided into two types: straight liquid type and needle tube type, which are respectively made of copper alloy, stainless steel or engineering plastics. The balls are mostly made of stainless steel, hard alloy or alumina. The diameter of the ball with medium writing is 0.7 mm, and the diameter of the ball with fine writing is 0.5 mm. There are two types of water storage: fiber bundle storage and non-fiber bundle storage. The colors of the ink are red, blue, black, green and so on. The ballpoint pen has the characteristics of both a fountain pen and an oil-based ballpoint pen. It is an ideal writing tool with smooth and smooth writing and uniform lines. 

We as one of the most professional metal ballpoint pen manufacturers in China. We can produce all kinds of ballpoint pens above. You just need to tell us your specific requirements for ballpoint pens, and leave the rest to us. Our products will definitely satisfy you.

Advantages of our metal ballpoint pens

The metal ballpoint pen has the advantages of simple structure, easy to carry, smooth writing, and suitable for copying, etc. People from all walks of life, from school students to office staff, are willing to use it. The ballpoint pen uses dry-viscosity ink, and the ink is brought out and transferred to the paper by the freely rotating ball on the tip of the pen, so it does not leak, is not affected by the climate, and the writing time is longer, eliminating the need for frequent perfusion. No ink trouble.

It is precisely because of these advantages of the ballpoint pen that the pen has a unique advantage in advertising and promoting products. The manufacturer of metal ballpoint pens from China has reduced the manufacturing cost of ballpoint pens to a very low level, so that you do not have financial pressure when doing promotional work.

Additional features of metal ballpoint pens as promotional items

Manufacturers of promotional metal pens in China will definitely recommend you to get your promotional ballpoint pens with more additional features. Because once the pen has other functions, it is very likely that your guests will leave them because they like to use these functions, which greatly prolongs the role of advertising on metal ballpoint pens. All of these are done at a very low cost. This will also reflect our professionalism as a manufacturer of metal ballpoint pens.

In addition to maintaining the writing function of the metal ballpoint pen itself, in order to increase the attributes of promotional items. The designers of our company will add many functions of the ballpoint pen, such as adding LED lamp beads to realize lighting, so that you can write outdoors at night.

Another example is that our metal ballpoint pen can also be added with a touch screen function, so that it can also be used on a tablet computer with the pen, so that the practical functions and usage scenarios of the ballpoint pen are more extensive.

The metal ballpoint pens produced by our factory are of good quality and cheap. The casings used in our metal ballpoint pens are all high-quality metal materials. Durable. The refill runs smoothly and writes smoothly. Guaranteed customers will love it. Color and style can be customized. If you buy a large quantity, the price will be more favorable.

Metal ballpoint pen packaging box

Ordinary metal ballpoint pens can be provided without packaging box. This can save costs without affecting its advertising effect. We can match the high-grade metal ballpoint pen with a suitable packaging box and gift boxes to make them look more refined and high-end. The pattern of the packaging box can be designed by us, or provided by the customer.

China professional gift manufacturer

We are a professional gift production and custom manufacturer in China. We are the source factory with the lowest price. A variety of gift products at different prices to meet the different needs of our customers. We provide one-stop service to our customers. Make all kinds of exquisite advertising gifts for client companies, and the promotion products reflect the company's rich advertising content. We offer first-class professional customized products. If you have custom needs for small promotional gifts, please contact us.

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