A stylus (stylus or stylus pen) is a small pen-shaped tool used to input commands to computer screens, mobile devices, drawing tablets and other devices with touch screens. Users can click the touch screen with the stylus to select files. or painting

What does a stylus Pen do

With the emergence of more and more large-screen capacitive screen mobile phones and tablet computers, people's attention and demand for stylus pen are also increasing. Using a stylus pen, in addition to reducing the cross-infection of bacteria from the hand to the screen, avoids the trouble of cleaning the screen, but also brings a better experience.

More and more companies are giving their logos and advertising slogans as gifts and gifts to their customers, which is equivalent to putting advertisements on the desks and hands of their customers. Provide long-term and stable advertising benefits to more and more enterprises.

Custom stylus Pen

Our company is a professional stylus pen manufacturer and supplier in China, which can continuously and steadily supply stylus pens. At the same time, it can help you to design and customize the stylus pen promotion gift service in an all-round way.


  • Different types and qualities of stylus have different costs. The design of the stylus also has a great impact on the price, and the printing method will also have an impact on the price. The price of a custom stylus usually ranges from 0.2$ to 5$, depending on the combined effects of the above factors.

  • Customized promotional stylus with logo is an effective brand promotion and promotion tool that can help companies increase brand exposure, enhance brand image, increase customer loyalty and build brand awareness, so it can be used in corporate promotions and marketing activities Wide range of applications.