Custom logo stylus metal ballpoint pen gift wholesale

Custom logo stylus metal ballpoint pen gift wholesale
Custom logo stylus metal ballpoint pen gift wholesale
Custom logo stylus metal ballpoint pen gift wholesale
Custom logo stylus metal ballpoint pen gift wholesale
Custom logo stylus metal ballpoint pen gift wholesale
Stylus metal ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen
Logo printing
Spray or silk screen
1PC/OPP Bag , 50pcs/Box
Office & School Pen/Promotional gift
Black, Blue ,Red , Green, Yellowor Customized
Place of Origin
100 sticks
Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
with company logo
This ball-point pen is a steel-rod stylus ball-point pen, and it feels great in your hand. The steel ballpoint pen can print logos or laser logos, whichever method is very good. Steel ballpoint pens can be stored for a longer period of time by the end consumer. Our quality assurance will also make consumers more satisfied with this pen. The refill uses high-grade German imported ink, so this pen is very popular in Europe.

Steel ballpoint pen is a kind of metal ballpoint pen. For the same style, you can also choose higher-end copper ballpoint pens or aluminum alloy gift ballpoint pens. No matter which ballpoint pen you like, we can send samples for free. If you cooperate sincerely, we will cooperate more sincerely.


Custom logo stylus metal ballpoint pen gift 

This is a very good quality stylus. We can help you customize the logo and print it on the stylus, you can buy this stylus in bulk as a gift to your customers. Because the success is not high, this kind of touch screen ballpoint pen can be used as a good advertisement.IMG_9977.JPG

The process of customizing the touch screen pen

If you are about to purchase a touch screen pen, then we can first determine the copywriting of the touch screen pen, such as advertising slogan, logo, color and so on. It is also necessary to determine the number of touch-screen pens purchased, whether there are any special requirements, and so on. We can send samples to you first to confirm.

After we receive your payment, we start to arrange factory production. The factory will complete the manufacturing and production of the touch screen pen within the agreed delivery time. We contact the freight company to deliver the bulk to you.


We also have stylus in stock. If you have no objection to our touch screen pen in stock, we can wholesale it to you at the ex-factory price. These high-quality stylus pens can be given to your customers as promotional gifts.


If you are the owner of a hotel, you should choose this pen to promote your brand. You are the supervisor of a cruise ship and you should choose this pen to give back to your customers. If you are the person in charge of a high-end travel agency, this metal ballpoint pen should also be used. Your procurement catalog. We will definitely be a supplier that satisfies you.

How to wholesale metal ballpoint pen?

Finding Suppliers: Finding reliable metal ballpoint pen suppliers is the first step in wholesale. You can find suppliers by:

  • Online Platforms: Use B2B platforms (such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources, etc.) to search for metal ballpoint pen suppliers and screen suitable suppliers.

  • Participate in exhibitions: participate in relevant industry exhibitions to directly contact and establish contacts with suppliers.

  • Consult with industry insiders: Consult with relevant industry people or dealers for their recommendations and suggestions.

  • Sample Evaluation: After contacting suppliers, ask them to provide samples of metal ballpoint pens. Determine whether it meets your requirements and customer needs by evaluating the quality, appearance, writing fluency and other factors of the sample.

  • Price Negotiation: Negotiate prices with suppliers for wholesale metal ballpoint pens. Negotiate the best price and delivery terms with suppliers considering the purchase quantity and other customization needs (such as printing LOGO, special packaging, etc.).

  • Place an order: After reaching an agreement, sign a formal wholesale contract with the supplier and confirm the details of the order, including quantity, model, color, packaging requirements, payment method and delivery time, etc.

  • Payment and delivery: Make payment according to the payment method agreed in the contract, and ensure the security of payment. The supplier will arrange production and arrange delivery to ensure delivery to your designated address on time.

  • Quality Control: For bulk wholesale, quality control and inspection during production is recommended. This can include sampling inspections, product visual inspections, writing tests, etc. to ensure that the metal ballpoint pens supplied meet the requirements.

  • Follow-up service: maintain good communication and cooperation with suppliers. If there is any quality problem or other problem, communicate with the supplier in time to solve it, and establish a long-term cooperative partnership.

  • To illustrate: Suppose you are a wholesaler of office supplies and wish to wholesale metal ballpoint pens. You found a supplier through the B2B platform, the supplier is HiLaud Promo Stationery Co., Ltd. You contact the supplier and ask them to provide samples for evaluation. After the evaluation, you negotiate a price with the supplier and negotiate a contract that meets the requirements of both parties. You place an order for 1,000 metal ballpoint pens, specifying a specific style and color. According to the contract, you and HiLaud Promo Stationery Co., Ltd. negotiated the payment method and paid according to the agreed time.

The supplier starts production and completes the order within the agreed delivery time. During the production process, the supplier has carried out strict quality control to ensure that the quality of each metal ballpoint pen meets the standard. They also print the company logo and contact information you provide to provide the product in a customized way.

When the order is ready to ship, the supplier contacts you to confirm final delivery details, including shipping method and estimated delivery time. You provide a shipping address and share relevant shipping details with the supplier.

Finally, you received 1000pcs Metal Ballpoint Pen wholesale from HiLaud Promo Stationery Co., Ltd. You performed a final quality check to confirm that the product was of good quality and as specified in the contract.

After the deal is closed, you maintain a good working relationship with the supplier. If you have other metal ballpoint pen wholesale needs in the future, you can contact them again to establish a long-term cooperative partnership.

The process of wholesale Metal Ballpoint Pen mainly involves the steps of supplier selection, sample evaluation, price negotiation, order confirmation, quality control, and delivery. By forming a relationship with a reliable supplier, you can obtain premium Metal Ballpoint Pens and provide your customers with a high-quality selection of office supplies.

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