Mobile phone holder QR code rotating touch screen ballpoint pen

Mobile phone holder QR code rotating touch screen ballpoint pen
Mobile phone holder QR code rotating touch screen ballpoint pen
Mobile phone holder QR code rotating touch screen ballpoint pen
Mobile phone holder QR code rotating touch screen ballpoint pen
Mobile phone holder QR code rotating touch screen ballpoint pen
Model No.
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
1PC/OPP Bag , 50pcs/Box,1000pcs/Ctn
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
This is a mobile phone stand pen QR code ballpoint pen, and also a rotating touch screen ballpoint pen. A ballpoint pen combines multiple functions, including QR code, mobile phone holder, touch screen pen. Ballpoint pens that are rich in practical functions are generally not discarded by ordinary people.

Ballpoint pens have been around for 70 years. But we are very happy to see that our designers have been using their ideas and creativity to make ballpoint pens have more functions. To provide more services to mankind. This mobile phone touch screen stand pen perfectly reflects the purpose of the design. As a factory, it is our unremitting pursuit to produce creative products and satisfy every consumer.

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Multifunctional touch screen ballpoint pen

Everyone likes a very creative ballpoint pen. This very well-designed mobile phone holder touch screen pen is the favorite of the public. For electronic products, sensitivity is very important. The sensitivity of this touch screen pen is very high and very smooth. The best part of this mobile phone holder pen is the pen holder. The pen holder has the function of a mobile phone holder, and the mobile phone is placed on it very firmly to ensure the safety of the mobile phone. The top triangle design looks very stable. The triangle is the most stable figure. The triangular design of the mobile phone holder is definitely very strong and very good design. There is a diamond-shaped area at the bottom of the pen holder, where you can print the QR code, and even the brand logo. The body of the ballpoint pen can also be printed with logos or other content. The effect of using this pen to promote the brand is very good.

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Provide custom touch screen ballpoint pen

Because this touch screen ballpoint pen combines a variety of practical functions. Make your ad content last longer. We can provide customized pen color, your corporate logo, advertising slogan and other services.

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A multifunctional ballpoint pen with mobile phone holder, QR code, rotatable and touch screen can play the following promotional role in promotional items business:

Practicality: The multifunctional ballpoint pen provides more practical functions, such as conveniently using mobile phones, scanning QR codes and operating touch screens, etc. This makes such promotional items even more attractive as they fulfill multiple needs of consumers in their daily lives.

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Brand Image: Presenting promotional items with multiple functions can enhance the brand image. Such products demonstrate a brand image of innovation and attention to consumer needs, which helps to enhance brand awareness and favorability.

Marketing effect: By integrating multiple functions on promotional items, the marketing effect can be enhanced. For example, the QR code function can be used to scan promotional information, coupons or participate in activities, the touch screen function can provide an interactive experience, and the mobile phone holder function provides convenient daily use.

Sustainability: Such multipurpose promotional items are often reusable, not just disposable. This means that recipients can use it for a long time, and it will continue to remind them of their connection with the brand in their daily life, further strengthening the brand's presence.

To sum up, a multifunctional ballpoint pen as a promotional item can provide practicality, enhance brand image, improve marketing effect, and have the advantage of sustainability, thus playing an active role in promoting sales and branding.

The color of the touch screen ballpoint pen can be customized. Metallic, red, black and more.

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Name: Marian S        time:2023-02-01 11:42:10
The laser engraving is letter perfect and they look as great as they function. We definitely will purchase these pens again!

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