Custom advertising pens promotional pens with logo

Custom advertising pens promotional pens with logo
Custom advertising pens promotional pens with logo
Custom advertising pens promotional pens with logo
Custom advertising pens promotional pens with logo
Custom advertising pens promotional pens with logo
Logo printing
Spray or silk screen
1PC/OPP Bag , 50pcs/Box
Office & School Pen/Promotional gift
Black, Blue ,Red , Green, Yellowor Customized
Place of Origin
100 pcs
Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Custom promotional pens are an easy, affordable and practical way to promote your name to potential customers, suppliers or partners. Regardless of your target audience or budget, promotional pens with logo are a low-cost, effective option for almost any type of promotional giveaway.

What are the advantages of advertising pens?

1. The investment in custom advertising pens is very small.

It has a natural advantage over expensive TV commercials and annoying flyers.

2. The custom advertising pen is rich in shape

If there is not enough space for printing advertisements, you can choose the drawing advertising pen; if it is a pharmaceutical factory, you can make a telescopic advertising pen in the shape of a pill; for children's education and other related children, you can make an advertising pen in the shape of a toy; on the street Distributed can also choose a fan-shaped advertising pen.

There are always many types and shapes of advertising pens. Basically, there are only things you can't think of. There is no advertising pen company that can't do it.

3. The target customers are easy to accept.

Gift pens printed with relevant promotional content to target customers, which will leave a vivid and specific impression in the minds of customers in the process of use, which is not only convenient for customers, but also achieves the effect of publicity.

4. Arouse interest and memory of the enterprise.

In daily life, the pen will be used in bad scenes. During the process of using it, it is easy to see the relevant content of my company, and it is often seen. You may forget a lot of things after reading them once, but the things you see every day are more likely to be memorized by customers.


What content can a custom advertising pen print?

You may not be sure what the best content to print on your pen is. Here are some tips on what to print on your pen.

1. Your business name - If you are trying to brand your business, one of the best ways to do this is to encourage customers to remember your business name.

2. Contact Information - You have to consider what are the more useful ways to contact your business. If you think directing customers to your company's website is more useful for driving sales, use a URL instead of a phone number.

3. A short slogan - If your company doesn't already have a slogan, or it's taking too long to print, try to come up with something unique but concise. It should be short and sweet, but reflect the nature of your business. These two slogans make a clear business impression without taking up too much space.


The process of customizing the advertising pen

We'll help you simplify the purchasing process of promotional pens to provide your organization with the right level of marketing value. Before you get started, learn how to buy a promotional pen step by step.

1. Carefully consider and plan for your pen's uses and needs

Who will these custom pens be distributed to and under what circumstances? What do you want to communicate with your pen? Your brand, contact information or other information?

2. Confirm the pen that meets your needs.

We offer custom pens in different price ranges, colors and designs with a variety of functions. Easily filter and sort with you to find the right pen for your company. For example, you can choose to view only eco-friendly pens or pens that use a special type of ink.

Each pen has its own information page with a description and price.

Also on the pages of our company website you can find more information and specifications about the pen, view different images and learn about our recommended printing method. You can also calculate the approximate price of the pen based on quantity and printing method.


3. Fill out the custom advertising pen quotation form

Just drop your preferred pen into the quote form and fill out the form, and we'll get back to you with a quote and further ordering information.

If you would like to receive a sample to test and feel, you can easily order directly from the product information page.

On the product page, you can also request a sketch proposal with your logo if you want to see ahead of time how the pen will look after printing (artwork for approval is always sent before the pen is printed).

4. If you have not found what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us, we will help you.

5. Once you agree to the terms, you will receive an order confirmation.

6. Arrange to order production

Unless otherwise agreed, your pen will be delivered within 10-15 business days of artwork approval. Faster delivery is possible at an additional cost, read more about our delivery options here.

Custom advertising pens’ delivery time

Normal lead time for custom advertising pens is approximately 14 business weeks. Some custom pens can be produced faster or sent by air. If you need faster delivery, remember to mention this when making a request as this may affect the price.

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