Customized Promotional gift advertising bag Cooler bag

Customized Promotional gift advertising bag Cooler bag
Customized Promotional gift advertising bag Cooler bag
Customized Promotional gift advertising bag Cooler bag
Customized Promotional gift advertising bag Cooler bag
Customized Promotional gift advertising bag Cooler bag
Model No.
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
1PC/OPP Bag , 50pcs/Box,1000pcs/Ctn
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
Advertising promotion gifts are customized for the customers you want to market. The gifts must include the information, beliefs, and at least the corporate LOGO. We are specialized in producing various kinds of cooler bags for advertising and promotion. You can customize according to your preferences and needs.

Cooler bags

When it comes to cooler bags, we may think that they are only used in summer, but they can also be used in winter. They have three functions: Cold insulation, Heat preservation and Fresh keeping.


Scope of application of cooler bags

With the impact of the epidemic in recent two years, people have higher requirements for food safety, health and green. Cooler bags are more and more popular with the public, and their applications are more and more extensive.

Outdoor use

Long term cold preservation of outdoor self driving picnic/camping fishing cold drinks, and low-temperature preservation of self driving outdoor barbecue food, vegetables and meat in summer can be used.

Daily use

Daily household/milk carrying bag/bento bag mum who is still nursing can use milk carrying bag when she needs to carry breast milk to ensure the long-term preservation of breast milk; Those who need to bring their own lunch can also prepare one.

Fresh food delivery/takeout delivery

Fresh food delivery/takeout delivery is applicable to fruit raw cutting restaurant/fast food restaurant/pizza restaurant and takeout delivery.

Storage of medical

Drugs that need cryopreservation, such as insulin, can also be used by diabetes patients wherever they want.

Gift packaging/customized products

Some fresh food packaging needs thermal insulation, such as hairy crabs, ice skin moon cakes, etc. Thermal insulation box and bag required by enterprise activities.


Thermal insulation principle of cooler bags

In the process of making cooler bags, 2-3 layers of thermal insulation layers (such as pearl wool, pu foam layer, vacuum vip board, xps board, aluminum film, etc.) are added inside, and frozen or heated drinks, food or medicine are put into the box. On the basis of no external power supply, the temperature can be kept stable or small range changes for a long time, and can also be used together with refrigerant to keep fresh. Of course, there are many production processes for fresh cold chain cooler bags, as well as many thermal insulation materials. We are specialized in producing all kinds of cooler bags. Customers can customize according to their own preferences and needs.

Selection of cooler bags

As you need to carry a lot of food, drinks and drinks when going out for a picnic, the weight of travel will increase accordingly, so you should try to choose light and large capacity equipment. At the same time, food is very easy to be squeezed and impacted during walking, so you must choose solid containers that are not easy to be deformed or damaged. In addition, there may be a period of time between packing and eating. If the food leaves the refrigerator for too long, the taste and freshness will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the cooler bag containing the food must have a thermal insulation layer, so as to maximize the enjoyment of delicious food.


Advertising Promotion Gifts Customization Strategy

Advertising promotion gifts are customized for the customers you want to market. Gifts must include the feelings, information, beliefs, and at least the corporate logo that you want to convey. If you can reflect your corporate culture, it is better.

It is believed that such customized advertising gifts can serve as an advertising medium through the recipient's watching, cognition, touch, understanding, experience and feeling.

As for the customization of advertising gifts, we think it mainly includes the following points.

1. Cultural

With the development and progress of all aspects of society, culture, health and taste have become the symbols recognized and respected by everyone. Therefore, customization of advertising gifts, customization of novel elements, and exquisite packaging will turn your gifts from decay to magic.

2. Emotionality

If we say that "phase comes from heart", we can also say that "etiquette comes from heart". How to make advertising gifts have a soul, it is necessary to customize them. A gift specially customized for a certain group, with your name on it and words specially told to you, will surely contain an emotional value that exceeds the monetary value, and how many advertising media cannot achieve this value.

3. Initiative

Since it is a gift, if you want to achieve results, you should let the recipient accept it gladly. As the old saying goes, "Don't hit a smiley face with your hand". Customized advertising gift is a practical and beautiful gift, which consumers will not be happy to accept it! After taking the initiative to accept, if the product quality is good, it will also actively spread to friends and relatives!


In a word, regarding the customization of advertising gifts, we must understand the demands of the enterprise itself and consider the inclusiveness, culture, popularity and practicality of gifts in all aspects. To achieve the purpose of gift customization.

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