8 Top Reasons to Use Ballpoint Pens as Promotional Gifts?

8 Top Reasons to Use Ballpoint Pens as Promotional Gifts?
Ballpoint pens are one of the best choices as promotional gifts, and this is a consensus. There are at least 8 reasons for you to choose ballpoint pens as promotional gifts. Today we will discuss the benefits of this ballpoint pen gift.

In every company, employees get gifts for the efforts they make for the company. It is not easy to choose a gift from the countless gifts. But giving a pen as a company gift is very common. Even small companies or start-ups can afford to offer such gifts to their employees.

But now, the hardest part is choosing a good brand and specific pen type. It can be a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen. For a business owner, any pen is the best choice, not another gift.

So what is a ballpoint pen?

“Ballpoint pen is a writing tool that rolls out the writing medium to form handwriting. According to the ink viscosity of the writing medium, ballpoint pens can be divided into five categories: oil-based pens, water-based pens, gel pens, neutral oil pens, and erasable ball-point pens.

  • Oil-based ballpoint pen: the traditional ballpoint pen, the ink used has high viscosity, stable performance, long shelf life, relatively heavy writing feel, and is mostly used for general writing.

  • Water-based ball-point pen: also known as ball-point pen and ball-point pen, it uses water-based ink, which is an ideal writing tool for smooth and smooth writing and uniform lines.

  • Gel pen: Also known as fountain pen, the ink used has a lower viscosity and is smoother than ordinary oil-based ballpoint pens. It feels comfortable to write and is now the mainstream writing tool.”


In an upcoming article, we'll discuss the various reasons why employees must get a pen as a company gift. It can be a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen. But there will be specific customizations that make it belong to the company. Let us know why giving a pen as a gift is so common and popular in every industry.

1. Brand Exposure

Giving a custom ballpoint pen or fountain pen as a gift is a great marketing strategy. Many brands prefer this strategy these days. When you give someone a ballpoint pen or luxury fountain pen with your company's custom logo, you can make a great impression on them.

Employees, customers and clients will always remember what you did for them. A good quality ballpoint or fountain pen is expensive, but it looks like a perfect gift idea. As far as pens go, you can broaden your price range and buy the most expensive ballpoint or fountain pens and give them away.

2. Easy to carry and light in weight

Instead of giving a big gift, choose a small, elegant pen for your employees. The size of your talent doesn't matter. But what kind of gift you give is more important. You can buy a high-quality ballpoint or fountain pen that looks expensive and classy. No one will forget your talent if you have a good pick.

The best thing about gifting a pen is that it is easy to carry and lightweight. You can bring hundreds of pens to your employees. They also take gifts with them. In this way, you can also market your brand and attract the attention of others.

3. Different brands and designs are available

If you want to gift someone a pen, you can choose from any of the many options. Different manufacturers come out with luxurious and expensive designs of ballpoint pens or fountain pens that you might consider gifting to employees or clients.

You can also get discounts if you buy ballpoint or fountain pens in bulk. Here are the best ways you can save money on premium pens. You can also hire a designer to customize pens for your company.

4. Traditional business

Many companies have a tradition of gifting ballpoint pens or fountain pens to employees and customers. A ballpoint or fountain pen is considered a traditional gift and is common in many companies. These pens can vary, as high-end brands can be expensive, while startups can afford them.

Gifts like this help build strong relationships with clients, customers, and employees. Such a tradition will never disappear. You can work for any company you like, and you'll get a gift as thanks.

5. The pen can be used as a business card

A company-customized ballpoint or fountain pen can be used as a business card, which is the perfect strategy for brand marketing. Companies can buy a lot of pens and give them to everyone inside and outside the company.

In this way, more people can learn about the company by viewing the custom pens. Instead of sharing a business card, give the gift of a pen. The recipient will be fine because he received the gift, and at the same time, you can market your business through him.

6. A pen is a basic stationery

Innovations are introduced to people and most people switch to new technologies. But to write something, a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen is a basic stationery that everyone uses. The purpose of a pen will never go out of style, nor will its purpose change. So giving a pen as a gift is a very good idea because everyone will be using it.

No one will throw or waste it. Custom or not, people still use it. Whenever someone uses the pen presented by the company, he will always remember your company. This also applies to your customers and clients.

7. Creativity

If you give someone a ballpoint pen or fountain pen as a gift, you will spark creativity. When the smooth ink leaves the nib, one can write flawlessly. If any of the employees got a gift, you write and creatively present the details of the company.

This person must be working on the presentation of the document, preparing something that will attract the client. Pens are great for sketching, putting your creative side on paper.

8. Writing is good for your health

There is no doubt that writing is good for our health. The gift of a pen encourages a person to write down his thoughts and feelings. If someone is struggling with stress, he must get relief by writing everything in a notebook.

The fountain pen writes smoothly and reduces stress. But you can also send a good quality ballpoint pen that will last for a few days. You can improve your mental health by writing as much as possible.

There are many reasons to give anyone a fountain pen or ballpoint pen as a corporate gift. You can buy this stationery in bulk here. As a business owner, you need to work on branding and provide thank you gifts to employees and customers. Before choosing a gift, consider the reasons mentioned above, give a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen as a gift.

What are the benefits of custom-made logo pens and gift ballpoint pens?

Because promotional gift ballpoint pens are such an effective marketing tool, they can be kept in a desk drawer alongside similar products from competitors. But by being strategic about the design of your custom promotional pens, you can ensure your writing utensil is one that people can reach for and remember.

  • Use - a color scheme and style that aligns with your brand identity - and you know the old adage: If you want people to like you, be yourself. The same principle applies to the design of your pen. Use colors that complement each other and align with your company's colors. This will help to identify and recall that the promotional product is there to help.

  • Put a catchy phrase or slogan on your custom pen – never miss an opportunity to showcase your business' personality. By adding a catchy phrase or slogan to your company's voice, you'll help your product stand out from the competition.

  • Display your contact information in an accessible manner – As a business card, your product should offer your customers and customers multiple ways to contact you. Make sure your information is clearly visible and accurate, making it as easy as possible for you to be reached.

  • USE A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT – We all have a favorite pen that writes better than the rest of the pens in our drawer. Investing in a higher quality pen will increase the chances of your product being the first choice of your customers and clients.

  • Work with a Professional Designer – To ensure that all your ideas are captured in the best possible way, promoting your business with custom products, work with a professional designer who is trained to capture your brand identity in a tangible way. They will guide you through the process, ensuring you get the most out of it every time.

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