Custom Non Woven Tote Bags for insurance company

Custom Non Woven Tote Bags for insurance company
Custom Non Woven Tote Bags for insurance company
Custom Non Woven Tote Bags for insurance company
Model No.
Non-woven fabric
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
Insurance companies are institutions that provide insurance services and provide customers with various insurance products and services. In order to improve brand awareness and customer experience, insurance companies can customize non-woven handbags as promotional and gift items.

Why do insurance companies customize non-woven bags

1. Brand promotion

Improve brand awareness: Insurance companies can print company names, logos, slogans and other information on non-woven handbags to increase brand exposure and popularity.

Bringing word-of-mouth effect: Insurance companies can present non-woven handbags as gifts to customers, allowing customers to walk on the street with handbags, increasing brand exposure and customer satisfaction, thereby bringing word-of-mouth effects.

Save publicity costs: Compared with traditional advertising, customized non-woven handbags can greatly reduce publicity costs, and are also more environmentally friendly and practical.


2. Customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction: Insurance companies can give non-woven handbags to customers as gifts to increase customers' favorability and satisfaction with the insurance company.

Convenient for customers to carry: non-woven handbags are light, strong, and environmentally friendly, which can facilitate customers to carry various items, such as shopping, going to work, going to school, traveling and other occasions.

Increase customer loyalty: Customized non-woven handbags can make customers feel that the insurance company cares and values them, thereby increasing customer loyalty and stickiness.


3. In terms of environmental protection

For insurance companies, because there are more customers, the purchase volume of non-woven bags will be relatively large. This has to consider the environmental protection of non-woven bags. Compared with traditional plastic bags, non-woven handbags have better environmental performance.

Environmental protection non woven bag

  • Degradability: The non-woven material is a degradable synthetic material, which has better degradability than traditional plastic bags. Under appropriate environmental conditions, non-woven bags can be decomposed naturally, and will not cause long-term pollution to the environment like plastic bags.

  • Reusable: Non-woven tote bags can be reused many times, with a long service life, reducing the consumption and waste of bags.

  • Recyclable: Non-woven tote bags are recyclable, reducing the amount of landfill and incineration compared to plastic bags, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Non-woven tote bags are more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic bags, and are a sustainable material that can contribute to protecting the environment. Insurance companies choose non-woven handbags, which also make their own contribution to the protection of the environment.

Customized non-woven handbags are of great significance to insurance companies. It can not only improve brand awareness and customer satisfaction, but also save publicity costs and increase word-of-mouth effects. It is an environmentally friendly and practical publicity and gift product.


Customized non-woven tote bag for insurance company

As a professional supplier of promotional items, we can customize non-woven handbags for insurance companies. In order to promote brand image and publicity, many insurance companies often choose some practical gifts, such as customized handbags, which is a good choice. Among the many gift options, non-woven handbags are favored because of their environmental protection, practicality, and economy.

First of all, non-woven tote bags are an environmentally friendly choice. Compared with traditional plastic bags, non-woven materials are easier to degrade and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, the non-woven handbag can also be used repeatedly, which can reduce the consumption and waste of the bag, and is more in line with the concept of environmental protection. This is one of the reasons why many insurance companies choose non-woven handbags.

Secondly, the non-woven tote bag is a practical gift. Whether it is shopping, traveling, outdoor activities, or going to work and school, non-woven tote bags can play a very good role. The handbag customized by the insurance company can also print the company's logo, slogan, contact information and other information on the bag, which improves brand awareness and exposure.

Finally, non-woven tote bags are an affordable option. Compared with other gifts, the cost of non-woven handbags is relatively low, and certain discounts can be obtained when mass customization. Therefore, non-woven handbags can not only improve the image of insurance companies, but also control the cost of gifts, which is an ideal choice.


Some common parameters of custom non-woven handbags

  • Size: The size of the non-woven handbag can be customized according to the needs of customers, usually in three sizes: small, medium and large.

  • Material: The material of the non-woven bag is polyester fiber and polypropylene fiber, usually the thickness is between 60-120 g/m2.

  • Color: The color of non-woven handbags can also be customized according to customer needs, usually black, white, red, blue, green, yellow and other common colors are available.

  • Printing: The pattern, text, logo and other information required by customers can be printed on the non-woven handbag, usually using screen printing or heat transfer printing technology.

  • Hand-carrying method: There are two ways of carrying non-woven handbags: hand strap and shoulder strap. The hand strap is usually a simple strap, and the shoulder strap needs to be designed with a reasonable shoulder strap structure.

  • Usage scenarios: Non-woven handbags can be used for shopping, traveling, going to work, going to school, etc., and can also be used as corporate gifts or promotional items.


In short, the parameters of non-woven handbags can be customized according to the needs of customers, which can not only meet different usage scenarios and needs, but also reflect the individual needs and brand image of customers.

To sum up, customized non-woven handbags are of great significance to insurance companies. It can not only improve brand awareness and customer satisfaction, but also save publicity costs and increase word-of-mouth effects. It is an environmentally friendly and practical Promotional and gift items.

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We are an insurance company from Canada. We purchased 10,000 pieces of customized non-woven tote bags. The quality is good, we will continue to purchase.

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