Wholesale New Drawstring non woven bags for promotional items and supermarket business

Wholesale New Drawstring non woven bags for promotional items and supermarket business
Wholesale New Drawstring non woven bags for promotional items and supermarket business
Wholesale New Drawstring non woven bags for promotional items and supermarket business
Wholesale New Drawstring non woven bags for promotional items and supermarket business
Wholesale New Drawstring non woven bags for promotional items and supermarket business
Model No.
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
1PC/OPP Bag , 50pcs/Box,1000pcs/Ctn
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
We can wholesale New Drawstring non woven bags for you.MOQ is 1000/piece With the popularity of non-woven handbags, drawstring non-woven handbags, as a fashionable and environmentally friendly handbag, have been promoted and used in various fields such as life, shopping, and gifts.

Wholesale New Drawstring Non-Woven Bags: Elevate Your Promotional and Supermarket Business

Introducing our wholesale new drawstring non-woven bags – the versatile and eco-friendly solution for your promotional items business and supermarket operations. These bags offer convenience, style, and branding opportunities, making them an essential addition to your marketing strategy and customer experience.


Drawstring Closure: The drawstring closure ensures easy access to the bag's contents while securely holding them in place. It provides a user-friendly way to open and close the bag, perfect for quick shopping or carrying promotional items.

Durable Non-Woven Material: Constructed from durable non-woven polypropylene, these bags are built to handle the demands of both promotional events and supermarket shopping. They can comfortably carry a variety of items.

Customizable: Personalize the bags with your business's logo, branding, or promotional messages. Customization transforms these bags into effective marketing tools that showcase your identity.

Multi-Purpose Use: Whether used to carry promotional merchandise or groceries from your supermarket, these bags are adaptable to various needs, making them a practical and versatile choice.

Sustainability Focus: The eco-friendly non-woven material promotes sustainable practices, aligning with your supermarket's green initiatives and your commitment to responsible promotion.

Benefits for Your Business:

Promotional Impact: Customize these bags with your branding to create walking billboards that promote your business wherever they are carried.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Offer customers a convenient and reusable bag option, elevating their shopping experience and encouraging brand loyalty.

Cost-Effective Promotion: Wholesale ordering allows you to efficiently distribute promotional items while maximizing your budget's impact.

Why Choose Wholesale New Drawstring Non-Woven Bags:

Versatility: Whether for promotional giveaways or as shopping bags, these drawstring non-woven bags cater to your diverse business needs.

Brand Visibility: Customize the bags with your logo and ensure your brand is prominently displayed, increasing recognition and recall.

Sustainable Commitment: By offering reusable bags, you contribute to eco-conscious practices and showcase your dedication to environmental responsibility.

Elevate your promotional items business and supermarket operations with our wholesale new drawstring non-woven bags. Contact us today to discuss customization options, quantities, and how these bags can serve as valuable assets for promoting your business and enhancing the shopping experience for your customers. Make a lasting impression with a practical and eco-friendly solution.

1. What is a drawstring non-woven bag

A drawstring non-woven bag is a type of bag made from non-woven polypropylene material that features a drawstring closure mechanism. Non-woven polypropylene is a durable and lightweight fabric commonly used for making bags, packaging, and other products. The drawstring closure consists of two cords or strings that can be pulled to tighten the opening of the bag and secure its contents. This closure style is convenient for quickly opening and closing the bag while providing a secure way to carry items.

Drawstring non-woven bags are versatile and have a wide range of uses. They can be used as backpacks, gym bags, promotional giveaway bags, retail packaging, and more. The drawstring closure makes them suitable for carrying items of various sizes, and they are often chosen for their simplicity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, drawstring non-woven bags can be customized with logos, branding, or artwork, making them a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking to promote their brand or message. The customization adds a personal touch and turns these bags into effective marketing tools.

Drawstring non-woven bags are practical, versatile, and eco-friendly options for carrying items while offering a simple and effective closure mechanism.

Non-woven fabrics have the advantages of light weight, moisture resistance, flexibility and low price. Tight rope, the bag mouth can be tightened by tightening the rope, which can prevent the contents of the bag from leaking and falling. It usually has rich colors, which can attract the attention of consumers and play a good advertising effect.

If your company purchases non-woven bags in small quantities, then you can wholesale our non-woven bags as your gift bags and gifts.


2. Classification of drawstring non-woven bags

Drawstring non-woven bags can be classified based on various factors, including their design, purpose, size, and features. Here are some common classifications of drawstring non-woven bags:

Design and Style:

Basic Drawstring Bags: These are simple bags with a single compartment and a drawstring closure. They are often used for casual purposes like carrying gym clothes or small items.

Cinch Bags: Similar to basic drawstring bags, cinch bags have a more structured design with reinforced corners and a bottom gusset. They offer increased durability and can hold more items.

Backpack-style Bags: These bags have two shoulder straps and can be worn like a backpack. They are suitable for carrying larger or heavier items and are commonly used for school, travel, or promotional purposes.


Promotional Drawstring Bags: These bags are customized with logos, branding, or promotional messages and are often used as giveaways at events, trade shows, or as part of marketing campaigns.

Retail Drawstring Bags: Used by retail stores, these bags provide an easy and convenient packaging solution for purchased items.

Sports and Gym Bags: Designed to carry sports gear, gym clothes, and accessories, these bags are lightweight and portable.


Small Drawstring Bags: Compact and suitable for carrying small items like jewelry, cosmetics, or accessories.

Medium Drawstring Bags: Versatile bags that can carry everyday essentials or light clothing.

Large Drawstring Bags: Spacious bags suitable for carrying larger items, books, or clothing.


Zippered Pockets: Some drawstring bags come with additional zippered pockets or compartments for organizing and separating items.

Mesh Panels: Bags with mesh panels allow for ventilation and visibility of the contents.

Water-Resistant Coating: Certain drawstring bags have a water-resistant coating or lining, making them suitable for outdoor activities.

Material and Color:

Non-Woven Drawstring Bags: Made from non-woven polypropylene, these bags are available in various colors and can be customized with prints or logos.

Recycled or Eco-Friendly Bags: These bags are made from recycled materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Closure Type:

Single Drawstring: Bags with a single cord or string for closure.

Double Drawstring: Bags with two cords or strings for a more secure closure.

These classifications highlight the diversity of drawstring non-woven bags and their suitability for different purposes and preferences. When selecting drawstring bags, consider the intended use, size requirements, customization options, and any specific features that align with your needs.

In a broad sense, it is divided into non-woven bag handbag, non-woven bag bag, non-woven drawstring bag. The first two are relatively large in size and are convenient for carrying on the shoulders. The last non-woven drawstring drawstring pocket. Among them, the non-woven drawstring backpack bag is a relatively new type of non-woven handbag ore, and it is favored by people of all ages because it can be carried on the shoulder. The non-woven drawstring backpack bag can be used as a simple small school bag, which is light and practical. It can also be used as a sightseeing bag for us to travel. It is easy to carry and contains many items and is safe. At the same time, the non-woven drawstring backpack can also be used as a gift bag for merchants. The unique shape and fashionable picture printing can attract more people's attention, and the brand promotion effect is also obvious.

Although there are so many categories of non-woven fabric bags, you can wholesale non-woven fabric bags from us according to your actual needs. The MOQ for wholesale policy is 1000 pcs.

3. The purpose of the drawstring non-woven bag

The drawstring non-woven bag serves as a versatile and practical solution for both promotional items businesses and supermarket operations. Its design and features make it an excellent choice for fulfilling various purposes in these contexts:

For Promotional Items Business:

Branding and Marketing: Drawstring non-woven bags can be customized with the business's logo, artwork, or promotional messages. Distributing these bags as promotional giveaways or as part of marketing campaigns effectively increases brand visibility and creates a lasting impression.

Promotional Events: These bags are ideal for events such as trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. They can be filled with promotional materials, brochures, or products, creating a convenient and stylish way to distribute information and engage with potential clients.

Customer Appreciation: Offering drawstring non-woven bags as a gift with purchase or as a token of appreciation strengthens customer loyalty and encourages repeat business. The bags provide added value to customers, enhancing their overall experience.

Eco-Friendly Image: By providing reusable drawstring non-woven bags, your business demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. This resonates with eco-conscious consumers and enhances your brand's positive image.

For Supermarket Business:

Retail Packaging: Drawstring non-woven bags serve as an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional plastic bags for packaging groceries and other purchased items. They offer a reusable and durable option for customers.

Branding and Advertisement: Customizing the bags with the supermarket's logo or branding extends your store's identity beyond the physical location. Customers become walking advertisements when they reuse these bags in public spaces.

Customer Convenience: Offering drawstring non-woven bags makes shopping more convenient for customers. They can easily carry their groceries or purchases, and the bags' versatility allows for various items to be transported securely.

Promotions and Loyalty Programs: These bags can be used as part of loyalty programs, encouraging repeat visits and purchases. They can also be given as rewards or incentives for specific spending thresholds.

Community Engagement: Collaborate with local events or charities by providing drawstring non-woven bags as a part of sponsorship or donation efforts. This showcases your supermarket's commitment to the community.

In both the promotional items and supermarket businesses, drawstring non-woven bags offer a tangible and practical way to enhance branding, engage customers, and promote eco-friendly practices. Their versatile nature and customizable design make them a valuable asset for achieving marketing objectives and providing a positive customer experience.

Drawstring non-woven drawstring pockets are widely used, and are often used in product packaging (requires thick fabric), shoe inner packaging (requires thin fabric) or gift packaging (such as wedding candy), affected by factors such as specifications, fabric weight, printing requirements, and rope material. )Wait. It can also be used in different fields such as leather dust bags, shoes dust bags, underwear storage bags, item storage bags and so on. It should be noted that non-woven fabrics with a large volume should be made of non-woven fabrics of more than 150 grams, and their strength and durability are better than those of low-gram non-woven fabrics.

The above are the general main uses of the non-woven fabric belt. If you wholesale our non-woven bag with mouth, it can be used as a gift bag, handy gift bag, shopping bag for the company to liven up. Many wholesale our non-woven bags with gusset mouth, all printed their own logos, advertising descriptions and so on on the non-woven bags. 

4. Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven bag

Advantages of Drawstring Non-Woven Bags for Promotional Items Business:

Effective Branding: Customized drawstring non-woven bags prominently display your business logo and messaging, effectively increasing brand visibility and recognition.

High Visibility: Recipients of these bags become walking advertisements, exposing your brand to a wider audience as they carry the bags in various settings.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Drawstring bags offer a cost-efficient way to promote your business, especially when ordered in bulk quantities for giveaways or events.

Eco-Friendly Image: Distributing reusable bags demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious customers and enhancing your brand's image.

Versatility: These bags can be used by recipients for various purposes, ensuring your brand stays relevant beyond initial distribution.

Customer Engagement: Offering practical and stylish items like drawstring bags enhances customer satisfaction and engagement with your brand.

Disadvantages of Drawstring Non-Woven Bags for Promotional Items Business:

Limited Storage: Drawstring bags might not have as much storage space as larger tote bags, potentially limiting their utility for some recipients.

Design Limitations: The design area for customization is smaller compared to larger bags, which may affect the complexity of your branding or artwork.

Preference Variability: Individual preferences for bag styles may vary, and some recipients might prefer other types of bags.

Advantages of Drawstring Non-Woven Bags for Supermarket Business:

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Using these bags reduces the reliance on single-use plastic bags, showcasing your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Customer Convenience: Drawstring bags provide a convenient way for customers to carry groceries and purchases, enhancing their shopping experience.

Branding Extension: Customized bags extend your supermarket's branding beyond the store, increasing visibility and recall.

Promotional Opportunities: The bags can be part of promotional campaigns, loyalty programs, or incentives, driving repeat business.

Community Engagement: Collaborating with local events or charities using these bags showcases your supermarket's community involvement.

Disadvantages of Drawstring Non-Woven Bags for Supermarket Business:

Limited Load Capacity: These bags may not hold as much as larger reusable bags, which could be a concern for customers with larger shopping lists.

Perception of Value: Some customers may perceive drawstring bags as less substantial compared to sturdier or more traditional shopping bags.

Customization Constraints: The size and design limitations of drawstring bags might impact the level of customization and branding.

In both promotional items and supermarket businesses, the advantages of drawstring non-woven bags, such as branding opportunities and eco-friendliness, typically outweigh the disadvantages. However, it's important to consider your specific business goals, target audience, and preferences when deciding whether drawstring bags are the right choice for your promotional and supermarket needs.

The non-woven bag has the advantages of simple production, good air permeability, low price, and good advertising effect, but it has the characteristics of short service life due to the characteristics of the non-woven fabric itself.

Because the non-woven bag with the mouth is environmentally friendly, degradable, and has a long service life, it is also a long-term advertisement for your business.

5. why choose us

The non-woven drawstring design of our factory is treated with reinforced sewing, which is more sturdy and safe to travel. At the same time, it adopts a comfortable drawstring design, the knot can be adjusted freely, and the hand feels comfortable.

If you also want to have an exclusive fashionable and novel non-woven drawstring bag, welcome to inquire and customize. Our factory looks forward to contributing to the image promotion and business exchanges of the customer company, and to win with thoughtful service and satisfactory price. Your trust, wholeheartedly go hand in hand with you and develop together.


Q1: What are wholesale new drawstring non-woven bags?

A1: Wholesale new drawstring non-woven bags are versatile and eco-friendly bags made from durable non-woven polypropylene material. They feature a convenient drawstring closure and are customizable, making them ideal for promotional items businesses and supermarket operations.

Q2: How can these bags benefit my promotional items business?

A2: These bags offer effective branding and marketing opportunities, as they can be customized with your business logo or messages. They serve as walking advertisements, increasing brand visibility, and can be used for giveaways, events, and customer appreciation.

Q3: What advantages do these bags offer for my supermarket business?

A3: Drawstring non-woven bags are an eco-friendly alternative for retail packaging, promoting sustainability. They provide customer convenience, extend your supermarket's branding beyond the store, and can be used for promotions, loyalty programs, and community engagement.

Q4: Can I customize these bags with my business logo?

A4: Yes, these bags are fully customizable. You can add your business logo, branding, or promotional messages, creating a personalized and effective marketing tool.

Q5: Are these bags reusable?

A5: Yes, these bags are reusable and durable, making them an eco-friendly choice that aligns with sustainable practices.

Q6: What sizes are available for these drawstring bags?

A6: These bags come in various sizes, including small, medium, and large, catering to different needs and purposes.

Q7: How can I place a wholesale order for these bags?

A7: To place a wholesale order, please contact our sales team at [contact email/phone number]. They will assist you with order quantities, customization options, and pricing.

Q8: Can I use these bags for both promotional events and supermarket packaging?

A8: Absolutely, these bags are versatile and suitable for both purposes. They can be customized for promotional events and used as eco-friendly packaging solutions for supermarkets.

Q9: Are there any design limitations for customization?

A9: While customization options are available, the size of the bag might impose some design limitations. Our team can guide you through the customization process to ensure your branding stands out effectively.

Q10: What makes these bags eco-friendly?

A10: These bags are made from non-woven polypropylene, which is a recyclable material. By providing reusable bags, you contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste.

Elevate your promotional items and supermarket businesses with our wholesale new drawstring non-woven bags. Contact us today to discuss customization, quantities, and how these bags can enhance your branding efforts and customer experience.

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