Custom non woven tote bag with pockets for pupils

Custom non woven tote bag with pockets for pupils
Custom non woven tote bag with pockets for pupils
In today's environmentally conscious age, non-woven tote bags have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional plastic bags. And today, what we want to introduce to you is a custom non woven tote bag with pockets specially designed for primary school students, its unique design and excellent quality make it an ideal choice for students.
Custom non woven tote bag with pockets for pupils

First of all, our custom non-woven tote bags are specially designed for elementary school students. We know that primary school students love cartoon images, so we can customize various cartoon patterns according to your needs, making each tote bag a unique existence. This can not only satisfy the students' pursuit of individuality, but also bring them more joy and motivation.


Secondly, our tote bag adopts pocket side pocket design, which provides more convenience for students. These substantial side pockets can hold books, stationery and other small items, making it easier for students to carry and store what they need. Whether it is going to school, class or going out for activities, it can meet the various needs of students.


Our custom non woven tote bag with pockets for pupils is available in two sizes as follows:

Kindergarten/Preschool: The general size is around 10 inches (W) x 12 inches (H), suitable for small books, drawing utensils, and snacks.

Elementary School Students (1st to 5th grade): Common size is around 12"(W) x 14"(H), which can hold textbooks, drawing tools, stationery, and small items.

Of course, it doesn't matter if you need non-woven bags of other sizes, we can fully meet your customized requirements. You can specify the size, color and even style of the non-woven bag.


And, our non-woven tote bags are high quality and durable. Made of high-quality non-woven material, the tote bag has excellent strength and durability, able to withstand the weight of heavy loads. Students can use this tote without worrying about breaking it due to heavy loads.


Besides superior quality, our custom non woven tote bags are affordable. We focus on providing students with high-quality and low-cost products, so that more students can enjoy the convenience brought by this convenient and practical tote bag. Whether you are a student yourself or a parent, you can easily afford such a high-quality tote bag.


Our custom non-woven tote bags are ideal for elementary school students. Its unique design and personalized custom patterns make it unique, the convenient side pockets can meet the needs of students, high-quality materials and reasonable prices make it the best choice. We believe that once students own this non woven bag, they will enjoy more convenience and fun.

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I ordered 800 non-woven bags here, and both the material and the workmanship can meet my standards.

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