Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag for Clothing/Shoe Store

Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag for Clothing/Shoe Store
Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag for Clothing/Shoe Store
Model No.
Non-woven fabric
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
In clothing and shoe stores, choosing the right shopping bag is crucial to enhancing the brand image and customer experience. Today we will recommend an ideal product to you——Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag, and discuss its advantages in clothing and shoe stores and the value it brings to the store.


The Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag is a stylish, eco-friendly and versatile shopping bag that offers an excellent solution for clothing and shoe stores. The characteristics of the non-woven material make it lightweight, durable and reusable, while the pattern and check design make it more attractive in appearance.


Brand image enhancement

The Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag is a distinctive shopping bag option that can help clothing and shoe stores create a unique brand image. By choosing patterns and plaid designs that match the brand style, the store can provide customers with a distinctive shopping experience and enhance the brand's recognition and impression in the minds of consumers.



Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag can be used not only as a shopping bag, but also for multiple scenarios and purposes. Its spacious interior can hold a large amount of clothing, shoes and other goods, making it easy for customers to carry shopping. Plus, it can be used as a gift bag or as a giveaway for promotional events, providing additional marketing opportunities for clothing and shoe stores.


Environmental awareness

The eco-friendly features of the Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag make it an embodiment of the concept of sustainable development. Compared with traditional plastic bags, non-woven materials are more environmentally friendly, reusable and reduce plastic waste. By offering customers this eco-friendly choice, clothing and shoe stores can actively promote sustainable consumption and environmental awareness.


The Pattern/Plaid Non-woven Tote Bag brings many advantages to clothing and shoe stores as a stylish, eco-friendly and versatile shopping bag option. It can enhance the brand image, meet the shopping needs of customers, and conform to the development trend of environmental awareness. Choosing this shopping bag will add unique charm to the store, improve customer satisfaction and store performance.

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Name: jefn        time:2023-06-16 16:27:31
The non-woven tote bags are gorgeous! They are perfect for my clothing store.

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