Printed Totes reusable with Personalized logo for Non-profit Organizations

Printed Totes reusable with Personalized logo for Non-profit Organizations
Printed Totes reusable with Personalized logo for Non-profit Organizations
Model No.
Non-woven fabric
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
In today's environment-conscious and sustainability-focused society, it's especially important for nonprofits to find a product that communicates their brand image while also being sustainable. The Printed Totes reusable printed tote product is just that. This article explores the benefits of these products and provides some numbers and examples to support our recommendations.

Benefits of Printed Totes reusable printed tote products for non-profit organizations:

a) Contribute to the cause of environmental protection

Made from recyclable non-woven material, these tote bags can replace single-use plastic bags and help reduce plastic pollution. According to the latest environmental statistics, more than 100 billion plastic bags are used globally every year, most of which end up in landfills or enter the ocean, causing serious harm to the environment. In contrast, the Printed Totes reusable printed totes are a sustainable option for non-profit organizations making an important contribution to environmental causes by reducing the amount of plastic bags used.


The sustainability of nonwoven materials is also reflected in their production process. The production of non-woven materials is more environmentally friendly than the traditional plastic bag manufacturing process. It uses processes such as melting, spinning and spinning of fiber materials, which will not produce too much waste gas and waste water, and reduce environmental pollution. In addition, this material is also degradable, once discarded into the natural environment, it will break down in a relatively short period of time, reducing the negative impact on the ecosystem.


Take a non-profit environmental organization in the United States as an example. They use Printed Totes reusable printed tote bags to replace disposable plastic bags. According to their data, each year they give away more than 10,000 tote bags, which is equivalent to reducing the use of about 100,000 plastic bags. This initiative not only reduces plastic pollution, but also spreads their brand image through the personalized logo on the tote bags, attracting more attention and support for their cause.


By using Printed Totes reusable printed totes, nonprofits are taking an active role in sustainability, helping to reduce plastic pollution and communicating their environmental values to the public. This sustainable product not only fits the philosophy of environmental groups, but also provides them with an effective branding tool, setting an example for the public.


b) Brand promotion

Printed Totes tote bags are customizable with logos, allowing nonprofits to build and increase brand awareness with the general public. This personalized tote bag is a very powerful branding tool and here are some numbers and examples to back this up.


According to market research data, about 85% of people will reuse handbags when shopping. This means that once a nonprofit organization offers volunteers, partners or supporters a Printed Totes tote bag with the organization's logo and tagline, they become a powerful and visible branding tool. Whether at a shopping mall, supermarket, campus or community event, these tote bags are sure to catch the eye and spark interest and curiosity about the organization.


c) Social influence

By gifting these tote bags to volunteers, partners, and supporters, nonprofits can increase social acceptance and communicate environmentally friendly values.


Giving a Printed Totes reusable printed tote bag is one tactic for nonprofits to build social impact. By gifting these tote bags to volunteers, organizations can show their appreciation for their selfless contributions and allow volunteers to become visible brand ambassadors when they engage with the organization. These tote bags will appear in volunteers' daily life, such as shopping, going to school, traveling, etc., thereby attracting the attention and curiosity of others. Volunteers will have the opportunity to communicate the organization's mission and values to others when they are asked about the source of the tote bag, thereby amplifying the organization's social acceptance.


Give an example to illustrate this social influence. An environmental organization called Conservation of Nature gave out Printed Totes tote bags to volunteers who participated in their beach cleanup drive. These tote bags feature the organization's logo and slogan emphasizing the importance of protecting marine habitats. When volunteers use these tote bags to go shopping or attend other social events, they become brand ambassadors for the organization, garnering the looks and attention of others. Occasionally, other people will reach out and ask what the tote bag is about, and volunteers will be happy to share their experiences with environmental activism and the organization's mission. This word-of-mouth communication has further increased the popularity of Conservation Nature, while also increasing public awareness and participation in environmental protection.


In addition, Printed Totes bags can also play an active role in communicating with partners and supporters. By gifting these tote bags to partners and supporters, nonprofits can show their appreciation and strengthen their partnerships. This gifting not only communicates the organization's attention and importance, but also provides an opportunity for partners and supporters to demonstrate their support and collaboration in a sustainable manner. This cooperation model of sharing environmental responsibility helps to establish a closer cooperative relationship and provide broader support for the development of non-profit organizations.


From the above information, it can be seen that by donating Printed Totes reusable printed tote bags to volunteers, partners and supporters, non-profit organizations can improve social recognition and pass on the value of environmental protection. This kind of giving not only demonstrates gratitude to the participants, but also communicates the mission and values of the organization through their use in daily life. This social outreach can help attract more volunteers, partners, and supporters, furthering the nonprofit's mission and goals.



Statistical data

According to the survey data of environmental protection organizations, more than 10 billion plastic bags are used globally every year, most of which end up in landfills or enter the ocean, causing serious harm to the environment. The sustainable features of Printed Totes tote bags can help non-profit organizations contribute to reducing plastic pollution.


Case study

Let's take the example of a nonprofit called Green Future. The organization provides their volunteers with Printed Totes tote bags carrying the organization logo and slogan. Acting as a sort of walking advertisement, the tote bags attracted public attention and sparked discussion on social media. The brand awareness and influence of the Green Future organization have been significantly improved, attracting more volunteers and partners to join.


Donated items

Printed Totes totes can also be used as gift items at nonprofit fundraisers. For example, an environmental organization could order a printed tote bag as a thank you for a donation. Not only does this motivate people to donate, it also provides an opportunity for organizations to communicate their mission and values in a sustainable way.



Printed Totes reusable printed tote products provide nonprofit organizations with a powerful branding tool and positive social impact in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. By offering tote bags with custom logos, nonprofits can amplify their reputation and reach, and communicate their values to the public. At the same time, the practical and sustainable features of these tote bags also provide support for the daily work and fundraising activities of non-profit organizations.


Q: What are printed totes with personalized logos for non-profit organizations?

A: Printed totes with personalized logos are reusable bags made from materials such as cotton, canvas, or non-woven polypropylene that are customized with the logo and branding of non-profit organizations. These totes serve as promotional items, fundraising tools, or merchandise for non-profits to raise awareness, promote their cause, and provide a practical and eco-friendly product to their supporters.

Q: What materials are commonly used for printed totes?

A: Common materials used for printed totes include cotton, canvas, and non-woven polypropylene. Cotton and canvas totes offer a natural and durable option, while non-woven polypropylene totes provide a lightweight, water-resistant, and eco-friendly alternative.

Q: Can the totes be customized with a non-profit organization's logo?

A: Yes, printed totes can be customized with a non-profit organization's logo, branding, or personalized message. This customization is typically done through printing methods such as screen printing, heat transfer printing, or embroidery. It allows non-profit organizations to showcase their logo and message prominently on the tote bags.

Q: What are the benefits of using printed totes for non-profit organizations?

A: Printed totes offer several benefits for non-profit organizations. They provide a practical and reusable item that supporters can use in their daily lives, promoting the organization's message and cause. Totes also serve as walking billboards, raising awareness and visibility in the community. Additionally, they can be used as fundraising items or merchandise, generating revenue to support the organization's activities.

Q: Are there size options available for printed totes?

A: Yes, printed totes come in various sizes to suit different needs. Common sizes include small, medium, and large totes, with different handle lengths and styles. The size can be selected based on the intended use of the totes, such as carrying groceries, books, or promotional items.

Q: Can printed totes be produced in different colors?

A: Yes, printed totes can be produced in a wide range of colors to match the non-profit organization's branding or preferences. The choice of colors can enhance the visual appeal and alignment with the organization's identity.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for printed totes?

A: The minimum order quantity for printed totes can vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier. It is advisable to check with them directly, as minimum order quantities can depend on factors such as tote size, customization options, and printing techniques.

Q: Can printed totes be used as giveaways or promotional items?

A: Yes, printed totes are commonly used as giveaways or promotional items by non-profit organizations. They can be distributed at events, conferences, or used as thank-you gifts for donors and volunteers. The totes serve as a tangible representation of the organization's mission and a practical item that promotes their cause.

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