Custom Non-woven Tote Bags for Retail Stores

Custom Non-woven Tote Bags for Retail Stores
Custom Non-woven Tote Bags for Retail Stores
Model No.
Non-woven fabric
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
In today's environmentally conscious world, finding sustainable and functional solutions for retail stores is critical. Custom non-woven tote bags are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic bags, which are convenient and environmentally friendly.

Environmental friendly

Non-woven tote bags are made from non-woven polypropylene fabric, a recyclable material that has a lower environmental impact than single-use plastic bags. By choosing these tote bags, retail stores can significantly reduce their contribution to plastic waste and contribute to a greener future. Customers will appreciate the store's commitment to sustainability and may even choose to reuse the bag for other purposes, extending its life even further.

Durable and reusable

One of the main advantages of non-woven bags is their durability. Unlike flimsy plastic bags, these totes are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. They're made of strong materials and feature reinforced handles, ensuring they can carry heavier loads without tearing or breaking. The reusable nature of these bags also means customers can use them for a long time, saving money and reducing the need for single-use bags.

Brand customization

Non-woven tote bags offer retail stores an excellent opportunity to promote their brand and make a lasting impression. The bags can be customized with the store's logo, slogan or design, effectively turning them into walking billboards. When customers carry these branded tote bags, they become brand ambassadors, spreading awareness and attracting potential new customers. The popularity and reach of custom tote bags make them a cost-effective marketing tool for retail businesses.

Custom size

Size is an important factor to consider when customizing nonwoven tote bags. Here's some general information and descriptions about sizes:

Length and Width

The size of custom nonwoven tote bags can be adjusted according to specific needs. Generally speaking, the length and width of the tote bag can be determined according to the size of the items to be accommodated. The larger size is suitable for carrying large quantities of goods, while the smaller size is suitable for lightweight items or small shopping scenarios.

Handle length

The handle length of the tote bag is also one of the factors to consider. The handle length should be able to provide a comfortable carrying method to suit the needs of different users. Generally speaking, the length of the handle can be adjusted according to the design and use of the bag to ensure the convenience and comfort of carrying.


Along with length and width, the thickness of a tote bag is also an important aspect of size. Thicker bags can provide better durability and weight capacity, suitable for carrying heavier items. Thinner bags are lighter and suitable for carrying lighter items or light shopping.

We offer the service of customizing nonwoven tote bags to meet the specific needs of our customers. This means that you can customize the size of the tote bag according to your requirements to suit your specific use and purpose. Whether you need a large shopping bag or a small gift bag, we can make sure the tote bag fits your needs and brand image.

The size of the nonwoven tote bag can be adjusted according to actual needs. Factors such as length, width, handle length and thickness are all important aspects to consider. By choosing the right size, you can ensure that the tote will carry what you need efficiently, and provide comfort and convenience. Custom size options also give you the option to personalize to suit your specific needs and branding.

Versatility and practicality

Nonwoven tote bags are highly versatile and functional for both customers and retailers. They come in a variety of sizes, allowing stores to offer different options based on customer needs. These bags have plenty of room and are perfect for carrying groceries, clothes, books, and other items. The reinforced handle makes it more comfortable and easy to carry, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

Cost-effective solution

Opting for custom non-woven tote bags can be a cost-effective decision for retail stores in the long run. While the initial investment may be slightly higher than single-use plastic bags, the reusable nature of these tote bags means stores can save money in the long run by reducing the need to constantly replenish single-use plastic bags. Additionally, offering custom tote bags can create a positive brand image, potentially increasing customer loyalty and attracting environmentally conscious shoppers.

Custom non-woven tote bags offer a sustainable and practical solution for retail stores. Their eco-friendliness, durability, customization options, versatility and cost-effectiveness make them ideal for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and promote their brand. By switching to non-woven tote bags, retail stores can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while providing a convenient, stylish alternative to single-use plastic bags.


Q: Can I customize the size of the nonwoven tote bag according to my own requirements?

A: Yes, we provide customized service for non-woven tote bags, you can customize the size, style and printing according to your requirements. You can tell us the length, width and depth you need, and we will meet your needs. If you have other requirements, we will try our best to meet them.

Q: Can these nonwoven tote bags be used to carry heavy loads?

A: Yes, non-woven tote bags are usually made of durable materials capable of carrying a certain amount of weight. But please note that different bags have different weight capacities depending on the thickness, material and construction of the bag. If you need to carry heavier items, please talk to us and make sure you choose a tote bag that suits your needs.

Q: Are these totes easy to clean?

A: Yes, non-woven tote bags are easy to clean. Since they're made of washable material, you can gently clean the surface of the bags with warm water and a mild detergent. Then just let it dry. Follow our cleaning and care guidelines to keep your tote bag in good shape and quality.

Q: Are these tote bags reusable?

A: Yes, non-woven tote bags are reusable. They are made of durable non-woven material for good durability and can be used many times. This reusability makes these bags an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags. When customers make a purchase, they can take the tote home and reuse it on future purchases.

Q: Can these tote bags be custom designed and printed?

A: Yes, nonwoven tote bags can be custom designed and printed. You can add your company logo, slogan, imagery or any other design element to the bag according to your branding needs. This custom design and printing can help you enhance your brand image, increase brand awareness, and attract more customers.


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