Custom Size Non-woven drawstring bags for Event Organizers

Custom Size Non-woven drawstring bags for Event Organizers
Custom Size Non-woven drawstring bags for Event Organizers
Model No.
Non-woven fabric
Red, Blue, Black, Green, customized colors
Logo Printing
Silk Screen/ Laser
Sample Time
Existing Design within 1-2days, Customized within 3-5days
Carton size
Promotion/Advertising/Gift/ Premiums
Providing practical and attractive gifts and giveaways to attendees is essential during event planning and organizing. Custom sized nonwoven drawstring bags are an excellent option in this regard. We will now go over the advantages of this bag and explain why it is ideal for event organizers.

Flexible Custom Sizes

Flexible custom size is a great advantage of custom nonwoven drawstring bags, event organizers can choose the most suitable size according to specific needs. Here are some more details on why this flexibility is important for event organizers:


Meet the needs of different activities: Different types of activities may require items of different sizes to be carried. For example, a small conference may only require bags for documents, notebooks, and small gifts, while a larger exhibition may require larger bags for brochures, samples, and display items. Custom-sized nonwoven drawstring bags allow event organizers to choose the best size for a specific event, ensuring participants can easily carry what they need.


Provide a Personalized Experience: Each event has its own unique character and theme. By customizing the size, event organizers can ensure the bag matches the overall style and vibe of the event. Whether choosing a mini bag as a cute little gift bag or a large bag as a container for exhibit items, custom sizing can provide a personalized experience and make the event unique to attendees.


Accommodate a variety of items: During the event, participants may need to bring various items, such as promotional materials, small gifts, stationery, etc. Custom sized bags are able to adjust to these different types and sizes of items, providing the appropriate space and compartments to keep items carried safely and organized. This allows participants to easily organize and access needed items, enhancing the overall engagement experience.


Increased Brand Exposure: Event organizers are able to increase brand exposure by printing the event's logo, slogan, or branding message on custom-sized nonwoven drawstring bags. As the bag is a reusable item, when participants use the bag during the event, the brand information will be continuously displayed to others, which has the effect of mobile advertising. The custom sized bags provide enough printing space so that the brand message can be clearly seen, increasing brand visibility and recognition.


Flexible custom size is an important advantage of custom non-woven drawstring bags, which can meet the needs of different activities, provide a personalized experience, accommodate multiple items, and increase brand exposure. With custom-sized bags, event organizers can provide participants with a convenient and practical way to carry them while displaying brand image and enhancing the professionalism and uniqueness of the event. Whether it is a small meeting, a large exhibition or other types of events, custom-sized nonwoven drawstring bags are ideal for event organizers, bringing convenience, practicality and personalized use experience to participants.


High quality nonwoven material

Made of high quality non-woven material, these bags are lightweight, soft and durable. They can hold a certain amount of weight, while also being water and dust resistant, protecting items from the outside environment. These non-woven bags fully meet the various requirements of event organizers.


Drawstring design for easy portability

The non-woven drawstring bag is designed with a drawstring for easy portability and use. Participants can easily sling the bag over their shoulders or wear it on their back, allowing them to freely participate in activities without worrying about what is in their hands. As event organizers, we make sure to take this into consideration for our participants.


Advertising effect

These bags can be custom printed with a campaign logo, slogan or branding message, making them a mobile advertising tool. Participants use these bags during the event to spread the event organizer's brand message to others, increasing brand exposure and awareness.


Reusable and Eco-friendly

Nonwoven drawstring bags are a reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags that help reduce the environmental burden. This is in line with the pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development in modern society, and conveys to the participants the concern of the event organizers for environmental protection.


Specific case

As a concrete example, imagine you're an event organizer tasked with putting together a large trade show. You can make custom sized nonwoven drawstring bags for exhibitors and attendees. These bags can be printed with your company logo and exhibition information, making them an effective promotional tool. At the same time, exhibitors and participants can use these bags to carry exhibition materials, product samples and other important items, making their exhibition experience more convenient and comfortable.


Q: What are custom size non-woven drawstring bags?

A: Custom size non-woven drawstring bags are bags made from non-woven polypropylene fabric with a drawstring closure. These bags can be customized to specific dimensions according to the customer's requirements. They are versatile, lightweight, and convenient for carrying various items.

Q: What is non-woven polypropylene fabric?

A: Non-woven polypropylene fabric is a synthetic material made from thermally bonded fibers of polypropylene. It is durable, tear-resistant, and water-resistant, making it suitable for bag manufacturing. Non-woven polypropylene is also eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable.

Q: What customization options are available for custom size non-woven drawstring bags?

A: Custom size non-woven drawstring bags can be customized in various ways. Common customization options include printing logos, designs, or messages on the bag's surface using techniques such as screen printing or heat transfer printing. The drawstring can also be customized with different colors or materials.

Q: What are the benefits of custom size non-woven drawstring bags?

A: Custom size non-woven drawstring bags offer several benefits. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them suitable for everyday use or promotional purposes. The drawstring closure provides quick and convenient access to the bag's contents, while also allowing for secure closure. The bags are also reusable and environmentally friendly, serving as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Q: What sizes can custom size non-woven drawstring bags be made in?

A: Custom size non-woven drawstring bags can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes to suit specific needs. The dimensions can be customized based on length, width, and depth, accommodating various capacities and item sizes. Whether small, medium, or large, the bags can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for custom size non-woven drawstring bags?

A: The minimum order quantity for custom size non-woven drawstring bags can vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier. It is recommended to inquire directly with them as minimum order quantities can depend on factors such as bag size, customization options, and production capabilities.

Q: Can custom size non-woven drawstring bags be used for promotional purposes?

A: Yes, custom size non-woven drawstring bags are commonly used for promotional purposes. They offer a large surface area for printing logos, brand names, or promotional messages, making them effective marketing tools. These bags are often given away at events, trade shows, or as part of promotional campaigns to increase brand visibility and promote sustainability.

Q: How long does it take to produce custom size non-woven drawstring bags?

A: The production time for custom size non-woven drawstring bags depends on several factors, including the quantity ordered, complexity of customization, and the manufacturer's production capacity. It is best to consult with the manufacturer or supplier to get an estimated production timeline based on your specific requirements.

These are some common questions related to custom size non-woven drawstring bags. For more specific information, pricing, and customization options, it is recommended to contact manufacturers or suppliers specializing in custom bag production.


Custom Nonwoven Drawstring Bags are ideal for event organizers as they offer the flexibility of custom sizes, premium materials, convenient carry designs and great advertising. At the same time, the reusability and environmental protection of these bags also meet the requirements of modern society for environmental awareness. As a specific case, it is shown how this kind of bag can be applied to large-scale exhibitions, providing convenience for exhibitors and participants, and promoting the organizer's brand at the same time. No matter the type of event, custom-sized nonwoven drawstring bags are an option worth considering for both utility and advertising.

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