Reusable non-woven bag custom with logo for financial institution

Reusable non-woven bag custom with logo for financial institution
Reusable non-woven bag custom with logo for financial institution
In today's society that pays more attention to sustainable development and environmental protection awareness, financial institutions need to demonstrate their sense of social responsibility and image. For this reason, we recommend custom-made non-woven environmental protection bags with logo. This article will introduce the parameters, dimensions and materials of the product and analyze the benefits of the product for financial institutions.

Our product is a reusable custom with logo nonwoven eco bag specially designed for financial institutions. The following are the parameters, dimensions and materials of this product:


We offer a variety of size options to suit different needs. Common sizes include but are not limited to:


Small size: 30cm (width) x 20cm (height) x 10cm (bottom width)

Medium size: 40cm (width) x 30cm (height) x 15cm (bottom width)

Large size: 50cm (width) x 40cm (height) x 20cm (bottom width)



We use high quality non-woven material to make these eco bags. Nonwoven fabric is a material made of fibers by heat pressing, melting or chemical bonding, which has the following advantages:


Environmental friendly:

Nonwovens do not need to go through the traditional textile process, which reduces the consumption of natural resources and can be recycled.



The material has good strength and durability to carry heavier items and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.



The non-woven fabric has good air permeability, which can prevent the contents of the bag from getting wet or producing peculiar smell.


Easy to clean:

The non-woven material is easy to clean, and a simple wash can keep the bag clean and hygienic.


Custom Logo:

Our products support customization according to the requirements of financial institutions, and the logo, slogan, contact information or other relevant information of the institution can be printed on the bag. This personalization can help financial institutions build brand recognition and enhance their brand image.


With the above parameters, sizes and materials, our custom with logo nonwoven eco bags provide financial institutions with an eco-friendly, durable and customizable option.


Benefits of Our Custom with logo Nonwoven Eco Bags for Financial Institutions


Enhanced brand image:

Financial institutions can build an image of environmental awareness and sustainable development among customers and the public by customizing their with logo nonwoven eco-bags. The bags are reusable, reducing the use of plastic bags and reflecting the financial institution's concern for the environment. Using the bag in people's daily lives serves as a constant reminder of their connection to the financial institution, further strengthening the brand image.


Advertising effect:

Custom Nonwoven Reusable Bags with logo can be an effective advertising medium that brings advertising benefits to financial institutions. Financial institutions can print their own logos, slogans and contact information on the bags, making them mobile advertisements that spread as users walk. This form of advertising has high exposure and influence, and can help financial institutions expand their popularity and market share.


The embodiment of social responsibility:

By promoting the use of custom with logo nonwoven reusable bags, financial institutions can demonstrate to the public that they are environmentally and socially responsible. The reusable nature of the bags means less single-use plastic bags are used, reducing the negative impact on the environment. The transmission of this kind of environmental protection awareness will bring a good public image to financial institutions, and at the same time satisfy the pursuit of sustainable development by today's consumers.


Build customer relationships:

Financial institutions can build relationships with customers by offering custom with logo nonwoven reusable bags as a gift or promotional prize. This kind of bag is both practical and environmentally friendly, which can meet the needs of people's daily life and make customers feel the care and attention of financial institutions. In this way, financial institutions are able to deepen their connection with customers and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.



The use of customized with logo non-woven environmental protection bags for promotional activities of financial institutions



A well-known bank wanted to project its environmentally conscious and sustainable image to current and potential clients in a promotional campaign. They decided to customize their with logo nonwoven reusable bags as gifts for the event to communicate their values and build a closer connection with customers.



Custom Design:

Working with suppliers, the bank designed a bespoke with logo nonwoven eco-bag. The bags feature the bank's brand logo, slogan and contact details, making it consistent with the bank's image. The color of the bag has chosen the theme color of the bank to enhance brand recognition.


Promotional sales:

The bank is giving away free custom with logo nonwoven reusable bags to existing and potential customers as part of a major promotion. Not only are the bags a practical gift, but they also showcase the bank's environmental concerns and social responsibility. Each bag is accompanied by a small card introducing the bank's sustainable development initiatives and related environmental protection measures.


Ad Performance:

Participating customers become the bank's mobile advertising vehicle while using the bag. They use the bags in shopping, traveling or daily life, so that the bank's brand message is widely spread. This form of advertising has a high exposure rate and lasting influence, which improves the bank's popularity and market influence.


Social media promotion:

The bank encourages event attendees to share photos of using the bags on social media, adding event-specific hashtags. This increases the reach of the campaign, draws more attention to the bank's environmental initiatives and increases brand exposure.



Positive customer feedback: Event participants were satisfied with the quality and design of the custom with logo non-woven eco-bags, and thanked the bank for its focus on environmental protection and social responsibility.

Brand image enhancement: Through the activities, the bank successfully displayed its image of environmental awareness and sustainable development, established a good brand image, and won praise from the public.

Increased customer relationship: By gifting bags and creating a closer bond with customers, the bank managed to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and build a stronger foundation for future business.

Through this case, we can see that customizing with logo non-woven environmental protection bags brings multiple benefits to the promotional activities of financial institutions, including enhancing brand image, advertising effect and establishing customer relationship. This eco-friendly custom product is a powerful tool for financial institutions to promote and demonstrate their sense of social responsibility.


Custom Nonwoven Eco Bags with logo offer numerous benefits to financial institutions. It not only enhances the brand image of financial institutions, but also serves as an advertising medium to improve publicity effects. At the same time, by conveying environmental protection awareness, financial institutions demonstrate their sense of social responsibility and establish a good public image. In addition, the product can also be used as a gift or prize to build relationships with customers. To sum up, custom with logo nonwoven eco-bags are an indispensable promotional product for financial institutions, bringing them multiple benefits. If you have this demand, please contact us.

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The non-woven bag is thick, has no peculiar smell, and the price is very affordable.

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